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A Blessing In Disguise Essay

1081 words - 5 pages

English 101 student
Michael Mitchell
English 101
27 March 2013
A Blessing in Disguise
My family had planned a trip to telluride, Colorado, for spring break. I had been anticipating it for months and it finally came. We packed the car with all of our suitcases and strapped our skis and snowboards to the top of the car. I hopped in the car, put on my headphones, and got prepared for the long journey that awaited. We drove a total of seven hours on roads that snaked through mountains and roads that were long, flat, and looked as if they had no end. As we started getting closer to Colorado I started seeing snow on the side of the road and began fantasizing about shredding down the mountain ...view middle of the document...

I sat at the top of the mountain looking down at the humongous jumps and then decided to take the plunge. I flew down the mountain, not holding back anything; I got up to top speed right as I hit the beginning of the jump. I launched off it like a jet taking off for flight. I turned my body in the air and did a backflip, a trick that took many years to master. I had performed so many backflips that it was second nature, but I got so much air from this jump that I decided mid air to go for a second rotation. That’s right, a double backflip. However, I had misjudged how high up I was and slammed head first into the ground. I laid on the ground shocked with my eyes closed trying to comprehend what had just happened. A guy snowboarding by saw the whole thing happen and yelled “nice air bro”, sarcastically. When I finally opened my eyes, there were five or six people standing around me.
One of the men got down on one knee and said, “my name is john; I’m a doctor and everything going to be okay. What’s your name?”
At this point I was still a little confused as to what happened, but I replied, “Michael”
Finally I realized I had just fallen about ten to fifteen feet directly onto my head.
“Can you see straight; is anything blurry?” asked john. “Are your fingers or toes tingling?”
I responded with a simple “yes.”
John replied, “Okay, stay laying down and try not to move. We sent for help, the ski patrol are on their way.”
The ski patrol arrived at last, after what seemed like forever. “Thanks for your help, but we can take it from here” muttered the ski patrolman to John. Then he turned to me and said, “hey, I’m going to need you to stay still. I’m going to strap you onto this sled so I can pull you down to the...

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