A Better Understanding Of Major Characters

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A Better Understanding of Major Characters

(1) In many plays, the minor characters['] only purpose is to establish a main aspect of a major character. A "foil" is a minor character in literary work who by the similarities and differences in what he or she does (as compared to a more important character). [Frag - 1] It is to help the audience and reader get a better understanding of the more important character. In the play Hamlet , [sic] foils are used to establish a major point that would be hidden if they were not used. There are many foils[,] but Hamlet/Laertes and Hamlet/King Hamlet will be the only ones explored in this essay. [Very weak thesis -- What point is this essay ...view middle of the document...

[Examples?] On the other hand[,] Hamlet is a very indecisive man. This is proved by the fact that he was very hesitant to fallow [sic; H 50] through with his father's request to avenge his death. If the situation was switched around[,] and Hamlet asked his father to avenge his death, he would fallow [sic] through with no questions asked. [Evidence?] As shown during the play within the play, Hamlet is a very humorous and almost cocky man. The whole play scene was a joke to him, but his father is always a very serious man. [This contrast (humorous/serious) is very interesting, but you should have followed it up with evidence from the play. If it does indeed exist in the play, it would help explain why Hamlet takes so long to follow his father's directions, but first you need to show that it does indeed exist in the play.] The differences of these two definitely prove that Hamlet is not nearly the man that his father was.

(4) Laertes and Hamlet are very similar in many ways. These two men are both about the same age and both have a love for the game of fencing. They are both athletic men to a certain extent, who will never except [accept] loosing [losing] at anything. The similarities of these men truly make the reader and audience believe that both of them could walk in each others shoes. [B.S. If that is true, then you should be able to give a LOT more similarities.] The only thing that makes these men who they are is that one was born heir to King Hamlet's throne and the other was not. [You have just said that your next paragraph is worthless -- be careful with the word "only."] These similar qualities show why it is so hard for Hamlet to avenge his father's death, because he is very hesitant and lacks the confidence needed to do such an act. [Doesn't this contradict your previous sentence?]

(5) Although they are very similar, there definitely is some differences to. [SV Agr -1; H-50] Ophelia received love from both of these men. Laertes loved her as a sister and Hamlet loved her in a more romantic way. When Ophelia dies the ...

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