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9 Type Of People You See On Airport :

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9 Type of people you see on airport : Here are 9 types of traveler you will find on airport , Do simple experiment. Next time you travel keep these category in mind and try to map it with people you see on airport :)

And Have Fun

1) The Techie: Only one criteria for being in this category , you have to have at least 6-7 gadgets while in your luggage .You have to show all of them in 1 hr + talk on phone once about some COOOOL thing . Person who can do this is A Techie .

Most of the time they will have Music player phone in hand in between they will open Tabs type few emails , chat with few friends ,how can we forget “Update FaceBook status ” .

Don’t expect a return ...view middle of the document...

Actually i belong to this category , I just cannot sleep on airport .So i walk , visit shops , Talk to people ,Buy something . check –recheck and again check flight timings on notice boards J

4) Confused :: They are typically newbie , the minute they enter the airport they are confused .Mainly due to terminology difference between train Vs plane.

Terminals Vs Platform ::How can airport have such a big place reserved for so few people , this place is not crowded as platform this cannot be a terminal . Checking with everyone “is this the terminal 1A”.
Ticket checkers Vs Cool airline staff :: taking boarding pass , go through safety procedures ,Everyone referring you as Sir ,Ma'am .
Taking care of luggage all the time VS handing over the luggage to Ground staff :: Then worry till the time you get is back :)

They are just first timers ,once they get experience they goes to one of the other described categories.

5) Sprinters :: Once you do mistake its OK , Second time its Still OK ,But always getting late for Flight and then Show everyone else you are the busiest person in world . The Sprinters are these people ,who keep enter the Airport Running and get the boarding pass all because of mercy of Ground crew .

6) The Chatterbox:: I personally call them phone bugs , they cannot sit 30 min without touching their phone .What the talk about ? anything and everything (travel plans , bookings , fellow travelers, love bites , moon sun starts ) basically everything which kills time . They have some superiority complex about themselves .Looking busy and Laughing aloud is cool for them .

This category is typically found in age group 15-27 ,But girls are exception they can be life members of this category .

7) The one who loves to make a scene: Typically Couples not necessarily on their honeymoon , they hold hand all the time till the security guard asks them “Madam app ki checking yaha nahi baju wale counter par hogi” . when they...

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