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9 Principles Notes Essay

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1) The nine principles that was founded by Sir Robert Peel in 1857 also better known as â The Peelian Principlesâ was to help begin the police force in the United Kingdom. It began a force and was used to cut crimes in London as well. These principles are the nine principles that are cited as the basic establishment for current law enforcement organizations and community policing throughout the world. The nine principles was established for a mission. Â The basic mission for which the police exist is to prevent crime and disorderâ (Peel, 1857). With this mission obtainable throughout the world, the nine principles will be connected to modern day policing.

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Although most of these issueshad been discussed for centuries when Sir Robert introduced his nine principlesthere began to be a sense of professionalism created in police management.Now that there is a better understanding of policing prior to Sir Robert Peel’snine principles I will illustrate the connection between these principles andmodern policing. In order to establish the connection one must have a briefunderstanding of the nine principles themselves. The first principle states thatthe primary reason behind having a police force is to eliminate disorder insociety and prevent crime from occurring. Second, in order to be affectivepolice must first obtain public approval. Third, in order to gain public respectpolice must first secure a willingness to cooperate and obey the law. Fourth,when a use of force increases the degree of cooperation from the publicdecreases. Fifth, when showing impartialness in their services and the lawpolice will intern secure public favor. Sixth, the use of force must only beapplied after all other means to obtain compliance have been exhausted. Seventh, policemen are also members of the public but they have a formal duty toestablish a secure welfare of the general public. Eighth, police are to merelyenforce the law and do not have power to implement a punishment. Last,effectiveness of a police force is measures by the lack of crime andestablishment of order not just police activity.With these principles in mind one will find that growth within the Americanpolicing is infact similar to that of English legal traditions. Even with thesesimilarities there were still completely different circumstances behind thedevelopment of American police. The English system’s main principles were thatof restricted authority, local power, and split organization which one willnotice the American system used as well. Sir Robert Peel first recognized themajor failings of policing practices when he served as Home Secretary in theBritish Cabinet. This led him to develop the Metropolitan Police Act. Thepassage of this particular act in 1829 ultimately led to the establishment ofthe London Police Force. It also provided a structure for a professional police

4) The early roots of policing encompassing Sir Robert Peel’s nine principles have a distinct application to modern day policing. It is important to understand the genesis of policing and the development prior to Sir Robert’s codification of the role of police in the 1820’s. Prior to 1829, law enforcement in England and America had principally been in the hands of ordinary citizen volunteers, night watchmen, sheriffs, or constables. It was generally unorganized and informal in its application. As early as 1215, with the acceptance of the Magna Carta in England, the first serious interest to solve abuse at the hand of the policing authority and for the general maintenance of...

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