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Соц. Пространство И Время Essay

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Case 5. Group Bon Appetit PLC
Last year, Group Bon Appetit PLC acquired Innovia Cafes after a bitterly fought takeover battle. Bon Appetit won by offering Innovia’s shareholders 20% over the market price for their shares. At the time, Bon Appetit stated: ‘Our objective is to double our business within the next five years’.
Shortly after the takeover, the group’s share price reached a peak of almost 400 pence. But then it began to decline dramatically to a low of less than 50 pence. Recently it has risen to 80 pence because of strong interest from a powerful predator, the restaurant chain Icarus.
Group Bon Appetit: Key facts
Three restaurant chains in London and South East ...view middle of the document...

The purchase of Innovia Cafes takes us into a new market segment, the £5-£10 a head market. We expect Innovia Cafes to contribute significantly to our profits in the future. (Extract from Annual Report – Group Bon Appetit PLC)

Debt ratio* |
2 years ago | Last year | This year |
30% | 55% (includes cost of Innovia acquisition) | 70% (includes cost of proposed El Morito acquisition) |
(*Debt ratio: a company’s debt in relation to the amount of share capital it has.)

Major shareholders
• Directors of Bon Appetit 12%
• Weinburg Investments (venture capitalists) 20%
• Restaurant chain, Icarus 10%
• Private shareholders 58%
Recent developments
Financial experts in the City of London no longer have confidence in the group’s strategy, for the following reasons:
1. Innovia Cafes have performed badly. There is strong competition from US chains, such as Starbucks.
2. Bon Appetit is closely controlled from head office. Innovia’s managers, however, are used to a relaxed management style. Many have left because of the ‘bureaucratic’ culture.
3. Staff turnover among Innovia’s other workers is also high and customer service is poor.
4. Bon Appetit has agreed to buy the El Morito chain of 12...

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