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7th Grade Mythology Lesson Plan Essay

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-7th Grade Lesson Plan-
Greek and Roman Mythology

These lessons were designed to meet the global educational goals of making connections, individuality, inspiring creativity, self-awareness and comprehension through observation of the painting by Nicolas-Guy Benet, Sleeping Endymion.
Strands and Standards
Visual Arts
The Arts Disciplines
Students learn about and use the symbolic language of the visual arts.
• PreK–12 STANDARD 3: Observation, Abstraction, Invention, and Expression Students will demonstrate their powers of observation, abstraction, invention, and expression in a variety of media, materials, and techniques.
Connections: History, Criticism, and Links to ...view middle of the document...

• Standard 14: Poetry
Students will identify, analyze, and apply knowledge of the themes, structure, and elements of poetry and provide evidence from the text to support this.
• Standard 16: Myth, Traditional Narrative, and Classical Literature
Students will identify, analyze, and apply knowledge of the themes, structure, and elements of myths, traditional narratives, and classical literature and provide evidence from the text to support their understanding.
• Standard 19: Writing
Students will write with a clear focus, coherent organization, and sufficient detail.
• Standard 21: Revising
Students will demonstrate improvement in organization, content, paragraph development, level of detail, style, tone, and word choice (diction) in their compositions after revising them.
• Standard 22: Standard English Conventions
Students will use knowledge of standard English conventions in their writing, revising, and editing.
• Standard 23: Organizing Ideas in Writing
Students will organize ideas in writing in a way that makes sense for their purpose.
• Standard 25: Evaluating Writing and Presentations
Students will develop and use appropriate rhetorical, logical, and stylistic criteria for assessing final versions of their compositions or research projects before presenting them to varied audiences.

• Sleeping Endymion 1756, painting by Nicolas-Guy Benet. French, 1728-1792. Oil on canvas. French Impressionist Gallery, Worcester Art Museum. Purchased 1973.12
• Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton
• Internet access for relevant sites
• Drawing paper
• Paints, colored pencils, markers, pastels

Lesson 1

Mythology autobiographical poem
An autobiographical poem uses a simple structure to describe the most important facts about someone. Your assignment is to write an autobiographical poem about yourself as though you are one of the gods or goddesses you have studied. You will be given 2 sheets of lined paper: 1 for your rough draft and 1 for your revised and final draft. You will also be given a piece of drawing paper to illustrate your poem. Once completed you will paste both your poem and drawing on a colored piece of construction paper.
Follow this format exactly, please:
Greek Name__________________,
I am (list four traits) ___________, ____________, __________, ___________.
I am [a relative] of (1-3 people) ________________________________________.
Lover of (1-3 things or people) ________________________________________.
Who feels/protects (1-3 things) ________________________________________.
Who needs (1-3 things) __________________________________________.
Who fears (1-3 things) __________________________________________.
Who gives (1-3 things) ___________________________________________.
Resident of _____________________,
Roman Name__________________.

Goddess of Love,...

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