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7 Forms Of Waste Lesson Plan

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LESSON TITLE: 7 Forms of Waste

EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Improve a process or work area by focusing on the identification and elimination of the seven forms of waste.


a. Identify and eliminate Overproduction
b. Identify and eliminate Inventory
c. Identify and eliminate Unnecessary Motion
d. Identify and eliminate Transportation
e. Identify and eliminate Waiting
f. Identify and eliminate Over Processing
g. Identify and eliminate Defects/Repair/Rework

PURPOSE: This course focuses on the identification of seven forms of waste for the purpose of elimination.

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Slide 2 – Overproduction

STATE: Overproduction is worst form of waste.

|Questions |Anticipated Response |
|LOQ: What do you think is meant by the term overproduction? |Getting ahead |
| |Making more than you need |

STATE: There is a common mindset that professes “If you’re not ahead, you’re behind,” however, this philosophy can be costly in a production environment.

STATE: Think about why this approach could cost the company money, and share your ideas on how overproduction can be a bad thing.

|Questions |Anticipated Response |
|LOQ: How can overproduction be a bad thing? |Can cause excess inventory |
| |Can make the person next in line look as though they are behind |
| |Hides the fact that someone may not have enough to do |
|FUQ: Where does overproduced product reside? |Line side, or between processes |
| |Warehouse |
| |Anywhere on shop floor |
|FUQ: What issues could this cause? |Cause you to walk more to get to where you need to be |
| |Cause trip hazards |
| |Area looks junky and you can’t tell when your supplies are |
| |getting low |
|FUQ: What other problems can be caused by working ahead? |Money tied up in inventory |
| |Flow of work is bottlenecked |
|FUQ: Who would an internal customer be? |The next person in the process |
|FUQ: Who is the external customer? |Another supplier, the OEM, or the consumer |
|FUQ: What happens if a defective part is discovered and |Then all the parts that were overproduced would have to be taken |
|immediately replaced? ...

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