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55 Mph Versus 65 Mph Essay

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The claim that the US should adopt the rule of 55 miles per hour as the national speed limit in order to : conserve fuel, save lives, reduce air pollutants, and provide a standard for safety reducing traffic accidents on American roads, highways, and interstates. The Union of Concerned Scientists tells us that dropping from 70 to 60 mph improves fuel efficiency by an average of 17.2 percent. Dropping from 75 to 55 improves fuel efficiency by 30.6 percent!. In an easy to vision example for the people to understand example: A family sedan, every 10 mph you drive over 60 is like paying 54 cents per gallon more for gas you bought at $3.25 a gallon. That extra cost is even higher if you're ...view middle of the document...

74 dollars a week. These numbers to me are staggering and even though we are saving the ten people I surveyed admitted they will not change from 65 mph because of the time saved.

While reading the document I realize that a car such as a small to midsize car dollar efficiency was only a couple of dollars off. The only car that would outright save were the energy efficient small cars which needed more maintenance monitoring and value depreciation decrease faster. The benefits of the speed modification in the high traffic areas such as business, entertainment, and federal building districts is a good idea but in the wide open interstates and major roadways. The speed limits of 70, 60, and 55 Mph is going to be more effective and comfortable to the consumer. Traveling in Birmingham, Alabama as a Strayer University Student the route traveled to the library and resource center two times a week to a minimum is a 15 mile journey on Highway 65 via 465 E. If I were to take the city streets it would add and additional 12 miles and at certain times of the day 25 to 40 minutes of travel time encountering numerous traffic lights, intersections, and hazards such as: Accidents, Trains, and emergency vehicles to include the police. Even if the rush hour traffics are encountered on the interstate or highway the flow and traffic would decrease the time behind the wheel. People in general working 8 to 10 hours a day do not and will care about and extra dollar or two for convenience and speed. The 55 Mph speed limit does have its advantages but the big problem we face in conserving fuel consumption, Travel time, injuries, environmental combustion, and fatalities are the driver’s mentality.

Studies show if people allow themselves enough time to get where they are going speeding will not occur. Majority of people will adhere to the laws. The simple task of: checking or maintaining updated traffic reporting on the internet, radio, or television. Understanding the consequences behind speeding such as expensive tickets, fines, and imprisonment.

Speeding is a factor in 31 percent of all fatal crashes, killing and average of 1,000 Americans every month, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA has announced in its 2012 study that the cost to society of speed related crashes to be more than $40 billion each year since 2008....

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