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50 Years E.U Essay

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Many are the challenges that the European Union will have to face within the next fifty years. Without diminishing other serious problems like global warming, the depletion of natural resources and the extreme poverty in Africa, in this essay we will focus on the issues intrinsically related to people’s fundamental and inalienable right to mobility.
One of the most concerning problem related to people’s mobility is the growing number of illegal immigrants who struggle their way to Europe in search of a better standard of living and freedom. These people had been desperately pushed to abandon their countries and traverse the world, no matter the risks and the adversities they would have to endure. In order to control the increasing number of ...view middle of the document...

Another worrying issue related to immigration is the growing wave of intolerance and discrimination on European ground. The EU will have to fight, firmly against all forms of discrimination and xenophobic attitudes. Europe will have to play an intercultural role in preserving diversity. By sharing experiences and creating a new cultural integration phenomenon, all European countries ought to try incorporate the immigrants’ cultures into their own culture towards the construction of more democratic and richer society: multicultural and multilingual in its essence.
Related to the mobility within European borders is the issue of human trafficking, which has become a very lucrative activity for unscrupulous people who live on taking advantage of the illegal situation of the clandestine migrants. The increase of illegal employment, which forces these desperate people into mafia networks and into a life totally deprived of the basic human rights, is reinforced by the inexistence of efficient laws or appropriate penalties against traffickers. The introduction of severe laws aimed at punishing it as a weighty crime, as well as the public dissemination of the condemnations in all Medias will help fight against this hideous crime.
All the problems listed aren’t exhaustive and exclusive; they are just some of the major challenges Europe will have to deal with in the fifty years to come. Therefore, it is crucial that all European countries join efforts and work together in international cooperation to find the most efficient solutions for a better and safer world, where the dreams of freedom, security, equal rights and justice for all can come true.

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