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5 Things That I Really Hate About Myself

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5 Things that I really hate about myself

In this world, some are good and some are bad. It make sense or not, or you just know the positive and negative side of people you with. However perfect you are, there’s some things or attitude that you hate most. We’re just human, committing mistakes in our mistakes and negative sides. And that’s what we try to change in all best way to be a good and responsible person , child, students and a member of our community.
I really hate myself doing and committing selfishness, I am selfish in terms of with my friends. I remember, sometimes I named myself ,”attention weaker”, I don’t think that is the right term for recognizing myself as selfish person. I’m not selfish in ...view middle of the document...

I showed my disrespectful attitude. I know that is bad, but sometimes, I can’t stop myself doing that thing, especially when my mom is just like a pastor in tagalog is “nagbubunganga”. And to avoid of being that, I’ll go out.
Third, as of now, I realize that I am a gadget addict, texting, facebook, and others that not related in studies. That Is my number one weakness. But not all the time, it just sometimes I forget that I have other priorities than doing that certain things. And I felt bad that way. Somehow, I think that is not bad, because even though that is one of my hindrances in my studies, it helps me a lot. It help me to socialize other people and it make it easily to communicate other and to build a good relationship as friends as well. And like I always said, I really hate that.
Fourth, I am a kind of person that cannot easily accept my faults and mistakes. That what we call a “pride” like an pathetic dog. Yeah, is super pathetic it’s so so so pathetic. I don’t know why, but I think In future will be change as I grow up not in physically but emotionally.
And last, even this is that crazy thing about me, I include this in my composition. I’ve always afraid to push through a relationship. I scared to enter and build some commitments. But I do love. I think it’s just I ‘m not ready yet. But I always said and ask myself “when will be that” “up to when” I always ask that, but then again I’m sure that soon. If my life will be settled, my family have their want to. I believe that I’m ready to have a relationship.
That was the five things I really hate about myself. Good or not? I’m honest in writing this composition.

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