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5 Great Relationships In Confucianism Essay

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5 Great Relationships in Confucianism
May 3, 2010
World Religions

5 Great Relationships in Confucianism
Confucius believed that a perfect society was one where each member of society would be protected and taken care of. A society where no one felt abandoned. He believed that each person had a social role and that this type of society could be achieved if people played their roles properly. In Confucianism there are 5 great relationships. They are father-son, elder brother-younger brother, husband-wife, elder-younger and ruler-subject. Confucius believed that no matter how big the family or society that if everyone were to follow and obey their roles that everyone in that ...view middle of the document...

The elder brother must take care of his younger brother and it is the responsibility to give respect to him. Another way to explain the importance of this relationship is to think if the father died before all of his children were grown. It would then be the responsibility of the eldest son to raise the younger siblings like his father raised him, with the same virtues and values.
In Confucianism this relationship states that each person is responsible for the care of the other. The husband in this relationship is the protector and he must treat his wife fairly and it is the responsibility of the wife to respect and obey her husband. This relationship reminds me of how the marriages were back in the day. He wife had a supporting role. She was the homemaker and mother. While the husband provided for the family and protected them.
The Elder-Younger relationship states that in general younger persons must respect their elders and the elders must be kind to those younger than them. This relationship can also be described as a relationship between a teacher and a student or professional and an apprentice. The elder is like a mentor. This type of relationship is dependent upon the older person caring for the younger...

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