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5 Favourite Brands Essay

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This report is about five of my favourite brands. Firstly i will mention these 5 brands then i will explain why these brands are important for me, why i bought or will buy them, why i prefer them and how i feel about them. Finally, in accordance with these reasons i will explain what is the definition of good brand for me.
It is not so hard to decide my favourite brands. But i just careful to choose brands that i have in my life. Because, i have more information about them and i make better comment about these brands. So for me, my favourite five brands are BMW, Estee Lauder, Turkcell, Twitter and Nike.
BMW is always a special for me. Because, i learnt how to drive a car in one of the ...view middle of the document...

Drivers of BMW cars, likes more sportive cars and actually for some researches the drivers of BMW cars are fond of speed. I also think that BMW cars have a character and helps to driver to feel this character too. What is this character? This characters specifications are dynamic, young and attractive. These qualifications makes me feel better and special. All of these causes makes BMW is one of my favourite brand.
Estee Lauder, is a cosmetic firm. The company is founded in 1946 and the key principles of the company are creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Estee Lauder is heritage from my mother. Again emotions are on the leading part. In my cosmetic material, i am careful about the naturalist, quality and health effects for the material to my skin. Price is not important in my cosmetics because cosmetics directly effects skin health. And i always want to use best to my skin. Estee Lauder products are being tested according to these tests i have no any doubt about health. After i use any Estee Lauder product, i feel beautiful and well- groomed. Their promotions are also interests me. Estee Lauder’s most known quote is “Every women can beautiful" attracts many women because this quote description is like “ They can give their customers chance about beauty”.
Turkcell is the Turkish GSM operator. In Turkey Turkcell has two competitors: Vodafone and Avea. Vodafone is a global brand. Although Turkcell is not a global brand, but it has a big portion of the market. In GSM operators, my determinants are force of gravity, speed, quality of voice, cost, campaigns. Turkcell have all of these qualities. I never have a problem about one of these specifications. Sometimes my bill comes with very high prices but if i think it is a problem about my bill, i will call customer service and they help me. I think the most important reason of Turkcell’s success is their...

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