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5 Behaviors Healthy Organizations Master Essay

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Patrick Lencioni: 5 Behaviors Healthy Organizations Master
Written by Molly Gamble | May 11, 2013

At the Becker's Hospital Review Annual Meeting in Chicago on May 9, Patrick Lencioni, president of The Table Group and author of multiple management books, including "The Advantage" and "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team," discussed the behaviors of healthy and successful organizations. Mr. Lencioni began the discussion by noting that any successful organization must be smart and healthy. Usually, the "smart" side of the equation takes up 98 percent of leaders' attention, not devoting as much energy to maintaining the organization's health, which includes minimal politics and confusion, high ...view middle of the document...

Why do we exist? What's the reason we started this organization? 2. How do we behave? What are our core values? What are two or three things that make the company values real? 3. What do we actually do? 4. How will we succeed? (This strategy should come down to three core values, no matter what the industry or company.) 5. What is most important right now? What's the big thing the company is rallied around in the

near-term? 6. Who does what? What are the roles in this team? Finally, Mr. Lencioni discussed the five behaviors organizations must master to be healthy and successful. These behaviors build on one another, with each one acting as a foundation that upholds the following. 1. Create trust that is based on vulnerability. For an organization to do this, leaders must master this behavior first. "Acknowledge when you don't know something or when you need help," said Mr. Lencioni. If there's one person who cannot be vulnerable, it will destroy trust on the entire team. 2. Mine conflicts. In successful organizations, people weigh in with ideas without fear of conflict. They understand that conflict is healthy, and know how to properly debate and argue. "Most CEOs don't like conflict," said Mr. Lencioni, and the biggest reason why is usually that they don't like to see people get their feelings hurt. Ironically, it is when conflict is avoided that feelings are most prone to injury. "When you don't have conflicts about ideas, it ferments into personal issues," said Mr. Lencioni. 3. Let people weigh in to create buy-in. If people don't weigh in on a decision, they won't buy in, but this value doesn't mean leaders must always look for consensus. "If you wait until consensus to make a decision, decisions will be too...

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