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4p's Program Essay

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Adviser: Karlos Jerome N. Llorin, MDC
The 4Ps is a human development program and the poverty reduction strategy of the national government that provides CCT grants to extremely poor families in order to improve their health, nutrition and education especially the children aged 0- 14. The said program has two objectives: 1) Social ...view middle of the document...

The second part, are questions that about the modules of the Family Development Session (FDS) and how did it help them and their family relationship. On the third part, are questions that shall determine how significant are the modules discussed during the FDS and the 4P’s program. The researchers also used the observation method in evaluating the IEC Strategy applied in conducting the Family Development Session and its modules.
The findings of this study showed that there was no significant change in the behaviour of the 4P’s beneficiaries since the Family Development Session was not able to encourage them to adapt a new behaviour and become self-reliant; it also showed that what the program has met in its objectives is providing social assistance among them. The IEC Strategy applied
during the session was not enough to promote social development among the beneficiaries and encourage them to make long-term plans.
The Problem and Its Setting
Based on the 2006 Annual Poverty Statistics of the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), 27.9 M Filipinos or 1/3 of the whole population are poor. In order to address the problem of poverty in the country, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) implemented a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program now known as Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps). The said program was inspired by the success of similar programs in Latin American countries such as Bolsa Familia in Brazil, Familias en Accion in Columbia and OPORTUNIDADES in Mexico.
The 4Ps is a human development program and the poverty reduction strategy of the national government that provides CCT grants to extremely poor families in order to improve their health, nutrition and education especially the children aged 0- 14. The said program has two objectives: 1) Social Assistance, which aims to grant cash assistance to the poor to address their immediate need; and 2) Social Development, which aims to break the intergenerational poverty cycle through investments in human capital.
FDS| 1
One of the conditions under the said program before the beneficiaries will receive their CCT is the Family Development Session (FDS). It aims to widen the knowledge and boost the skills of parents and help them to understand and meet the health and education conditions of the program. The FDS is being done by the 4P’s workers through home visits, the use of modules on modular sessions guide for parents, family drug prevention program, parent effectiveness service and empowerment and reaffirmation of paternal abilities. The role of the parents in helping their children attain their health and educational growth is very important, the mothers or the heads of households are required to attend the FDS at least once a month.
The term Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Strategies pertains to a comprehensive programming intervention which is an important part of a development program of a country,...

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