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4p's In A Restaurant Essay

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Lesson 4 Assessment Tool: Marketing Plan Framework
This Assessment Tool contains real world examples, guiding principles, practical worksheets, and information that can help you complete a 4E-based marketing plan for your business. This Tool can serve as companion activities for Lesson 4. 4.1. Executive summary: This is a summary of the marketing plan, so it is usually prepared after the plan has been completed. It should summarize: Situation analysis results Marketing goals and objectives Proposed marketing actions (strategies and tactics) to meet goals and objectives Proposed marketing budget and key resources that are necessary to implement the marketing actions Expected outcomes of the ...view middle of the document...

In addition, we will provide the highest degree of service possible. We will treat each and every one of our guests like family visiting our home for a festive occasion. We will strive to keep all areas of our Lake George restaurant spotless. We will protect Lake George and our environment regardless of cost to ourselves. We realize that without our customers, our business would not exist and we welcome the opportunity to serve them.” B. Beaver Lake Cottage ( “Our goal is to provide the ambiance and amenities for our guests to Relax, Reflect and Renew.”


“Our primary measure of achievement shall be our Repeat and Referral business.” “We shall provide a work environment that will encourage our employees to make our goals possible.” “If we are ever in doubt about any personal or business decision, we shall ultimately rely on the Golden Rule as our Final Answer.” 4.3. Situation Analysis Situation analysis will help you understand the current and near-future business activities you and your competitors are using. By conducting this analysis you will understand how customers respond to your offerings and those of your competitors. The results of this analysis therefore provide a basis for your marketing strategy development later on. A. Internal Audit – Provided below is a checklist that business owners can use when conducting an internal audit of their offerings. You can use this checklist as a guide and can modify it to suit the elements of your business. The internal audit allows you to systematically identify components of the 4Ps (Properties, Product Presentation, Promotional Applications and People) within your business that enhance experiential value for your customer. Sometimes you are too close to your business to accurately assess these experiential elements. Therefore, we encourage you to gather assessments from staff, customers, or vendors. The chart below lists many of the elements constituting the 4Ps of a business that can enhance customer experience. You can place the description of each element in the column under the appropriate 4E.

4E Offerings
• • • • Educational Experience—Identify components of the 4Ps (referring to the leftmost column in the table below) that contribute to customers’ enhanced knowledge, skill, personal development. Esthetics Experience— Identify components of the 4Ps that contribute to a welldesigned, unique physical setting in which a customer feels immersed. Entertainment Experience— Identify components of the 4Ps that contribute to engaging performances for the customer. Escapist Experience — Identify components of the 4Ps that contribute to active participation in creating a sense of a different place or time for a getaway.


Internal Audit Checklist for 4E Experience Economy Offerings 4E Experiential Economy Offerings
Educational Experience Esthetic Experience Entertainment Experience Escapist Experience

1. Properties:

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