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4g Lte Implementation For Mobile Healthcare Units

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4G LTE Implementation for Mobile Healthcare Units

Executive Summary
The adoption of LTE from Verizon Wireless will empower the organization to be portable and maintain a fast, reliable, and secure connection among its mobile healthcare professionals. This will save money and allow for greater productivity.

Business Problem with Benefits
The Business problem that Tim and management have presented is that their business, a healthcare system, has doctors (both clinical and research) spread across western North Carolina and they sometimes do not have adequate infrastructure to transmit their research and clinical data (including data entry applications, medical images, videos, etc.) ...view middle of the document...

For example we have a mobile facility that does MRI’s and x rays with this solution we can send the MRI and x ray images back to the main hospital for analysis in no time. With this technology there has been reported speeds of up to 60 mbps download speed and 15 mbps upload speed which is a big jump from 3G speeds and should handle everything nice. (Source:
(Source: Alcatel-Lucent and Alexandria Police Department Demonstrate LTE for Public Safety pdf document)

Smartphones - 4G devices will mainly be used for phone calls and checking emails on the go.
Tablets - Can be used for patient input like verifying insurance information and can be used to easily look over patient information and patient records also to write notes during visits, or can be used to show images from x-rays or MRI’s.
Air Cards - Will be used for the doctors laptops or desktops to allow them to connect to the web through verizon's network.
Base Stations - The base stations will be used in the mobile centers to allow wired connectivity to devices that need wired access. It will more than likely be connected to the server that will be located on the mobile center.
Femtocells - Is also used similar to a base station, it captures Verizon’s cellular signal and converts wired service to cellular signal, it also captures and boost 4G signal indoors.

Looking at cost and benefits in deploying an LTE solution to our remote workers in our healthcare system we have determined that by partnering with Verizon Wireless and getting a plan tailored to our organization, the cost would be very minimal compared to the value and benefits our users would gain by being able to connect back to our campus at high speeds to transfer medical data. Rough figures for the LTE infrastructure would include the cost for the hardware (which could be subsidized by Verizon), training for the IT staff, and the monthly plans, which would be relatively cheap due to an Enterprise agreement.

Designing this implementation to reduce costs by being simpler to install, operate, and upgrade can have a major impact on the overall business case for LTE, and is as important to lowering the delivery cost per bit as LTE technology itself. Even with greater bandwidth efficiency and improved end-user...

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