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4 Yrs F My Life....Part I

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8th july,2009,9:42am,a bit sunny after a long session f shower at 9t!!
-it was xactly 4 yrs ago-in bihar-vry gud frnz-got separated-i did cried for d 1st tym-thought f losin sm real thins f my lyf!
-n d nxt month-i ws in orissa-d untouched part f d wrld fr me at d 1st glance-ol so green
-nxt day-wz august-i entered class 9B-i ddnt know much-i jus entered as if i knew dat place-i put my bag on d table at d 1st bench f 3rd column frm d door sm1 wz sittin on dat bench-n i asked wer to sit!
-n strtd lukin ol arnd-knowin i was new in d class-d odr students did d same
-n guess wat-i caught s8 f jus 2 ppl n dat 2 2 grls-SAI N JASAS-i jus fr a mmnt kept lukin at sai-dn becomin aware f my ...view middle of the document...

assignments-n c she said "tujhe abhi chahiye??"-i said "haan"-n c said"ruk dekhti hu"-c brot her bag dwn-searched thru a lot f junk thins n a lot f paper whch wer d so clld assignments-c tuk out 1 n said "abhi to yahi hai,kal tujhe dusre subjects ka de dungi"
-fr d 1st tym in my lyf i tlkd to a pretty lukin decent grl!!-n dn d 1st day ended!(dat day i too saw SHADAB-i askd him whdr he wz new too n he waz mre introvert as it seemd to me n proved it by not answein me or did he say "haan thode din pehle join kiya"-i don actually rem)

-it wz augst-mch awaited 15th august wz ahead-no idea wat to do i wz ready to tk up nethin dat i cud undrstnd-n marchin wz d nly thin at dat tym i wz familiar wid-i tuk it.
-headed fr practice-saw d seniors n d 80% manly p.t. teacher-PUSHPA ROUT-i kept starin at her fr dayz coz i wz confused abt his oh srry her feminity-
-i met parle(alwayz had smthin to say),nimesh(nvr seen b8r eyes or lets say mre beautiful eyes-if he wz a grl i wud hav proposed hm at dat instant),ritesh pangrahi(though i don no mch abt him).
-15th august went by-now it wz xam tym-i did join l8,not studied,no tutions,n to add to dat i mssd my classes to attend marchin!!!-it ol seemd wrose at sm tym-bt i did go thru wrsr conditions dn dz(nt to go into dat)
-xams were gone-results wer out-i jus knew hindi a bit well or lets say i wz in a hindi state earlier-i got pretty gud mrks in hindi as compared to odr subjects lyk che(9),bio(12)..i don rem mch though
-MANJUSREE MAM-i did really impress her either by my mrks or c knew i wz hindi so he knew b8r dn d lot present in d class or as i ddnt speak oriya in hindi class or ne odr reason bt i did got a reason to attend d skul n my classes.

-now d undr 14 inter dps knockout tournament-i got selected-(i thnk 4m ds tym i came into being at dps n mstly 9B,n dat too widin a vry short span f tym).
-i got a female or lets say 2 females wishin to play well n to come home as a winner-PRIYANKA RAO N SHRADHA AGGARWAL-i felt embarssed n happy too at d same tym-i felt nothin cud get b8r dn ds(at dat tym)-i felt lyk a star(at dat tym)
-students rem. my name(though still dy consider my title as my name)-we had to go to ranchi fr d meet!!
-r team f 15 members(nandan panda-j k panda's so clld son,hahaha-avijit-d pacer cum olrndr-rajendra-d aalsi batsman-sagar-passionate abt cric n to miss classes by hook r crook-rakesh,arun yadav,my junior in skul n lived in my colony,n sumit-d actor,dramebaaz,bt gud at his defensive technique....)
-we practiced mre n played less n thus lost d match n wer knocked out-bt it wz ok-we wer der nt to play bt to miss classes-so enjoyed to d max!!
-we returned-n ABHIRAM SAHOO mre f fantasised our game dan we really plyd n tld d princi n d students dat day in d assembly,as if he'd nt do dat he ll be hanged!!!-n we became d thrust upon hero by our unknown heroic deeds as said by sir.
-lyk ds came d end f september or october(cant recall)

-bt it wz nt d end fr me or say it wz r8en...

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