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3m Critical Supply Chain Decisions Essay

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3M Makes Critical Supply Chain Decisions Using Expert Choice
Case study
Challenge Streamline critical supply chain decisions and make the process consistent worldwide. Introduced Expert Choice to Supply Chain teams to instill common practice that ensures better results. Dramatically increased speed to and quality of important supply chain and other business issues.



Almost everyone knows 3M or its products. The 105-year-old company is a $21-billion technology giant with major brands like Post-It Notes® and Scotch Tape® on its roster as well as innovative products like multi-layer optical films that go into LCDs. There are six major business units with 40 ...view middle of the document...

Pierre J. LaMere Manager Supply Chain Strategy & Design 3M

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After benchmarking decision processes internally, 3M realized that although they had successes in different pockets, there was no one complete process in place nor was there consistency built into the business. That is when Corporate brought in Expert Choice. 3M started with a few decisions. Within one month, they decided Expert Choice was the right choice for 3M. From there, they deployed EC’s Green Belt Training Program which was the catalyst for widespread use. Training provided a quantum leap in understanding what was possible and how to apply learning in real business situations. Right from the start, Expert Choice helped 3M package their procedures and gain significant efficiencies in terms of moving through the overall decision. The ability to combine quantitative and qualitative data and then represent the results graphically has helped in packaging decisions for final approval. Additionally, it’s invaluable to run through numerous “what-if” scenarios with skeptics. This tool created both a final consensus as well as the ability to defend a decision. Today, 90% of 3M’s decisions involve the model for selecting a supply source. For 3M, once these efficiencies were developed, speed became a key element. The team began to standardize the analysis process, and develop a common language for decision-making. As Corporate trained more and more people on Expert Choice, the company was able to spend less time overall in the decision-making cycle, as well as much less time in endless debates.

Realizing success early in the implementation process has led to an array of benefits...

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