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3d Printing Morals And Ethics Essay

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Morals and Ethics
A major issue that has risen from the personal use of 3D printing is the ability to produce weapons. This issue along with others brings the concern for the morals and ethical behavior that will come along with 3D printing. Different countries will utilize the machine in different ways, hospital usage, producing food, environmental, at risk for jobs, pirating, and the good will all need to be evaluated to determine the potential threats or success of 3D printing. Many countries have found a use for the 3D printer; China is using it for bio printing and Canada is using it as an education tool for children.
“The Makerbot at the Lunenburg library is one of sixteen 3D ...view middle of the document...

The DIY and maker ethic is about finding new uses for the things we have as well as repairing things that break.” Number four of the six Maker Club ethics advises: “Every garbage day is an opportunity.”(Barrett). Canada is using 3D printing for a positive impact on children and increasing the future use through early introduction. Giving children a chance to ponder and take on new tasks and ideas as they age will help lead them into great inventions for the future. China, on the other hand, has utilized 3D printing for the bio-printing area.
A study at a university in China researched the use of creating an organ mold from a 3D printer. The cells of the individual in need of that organ would then grow around the molding and be able to have a new organ that is of their own body. This will help eliminate risks of unsuccessful matches as well as errors that may occur during a transplant. Individuals would not have to wait as long on a transplant list and would have a higher success rate and lower risk of issues. Surely there are many tests being ran and experiments presented for proof of this process as being successful. “3D printing proposes an effective means to assemble all of these necessary components through the use of biomaterials, printing techniques, and cell delivery methods” (Richards). Is it morally right to ‘play God’? We need to draw the line somewhere. This topic can present a huge debate between the ethical behavior and the medical breakthrough, but I believe the end result would be a positive outcome for all. Ethically it presents great expansion on the life and well-being of individuals. The medical breakthrough will give people more time with loved ones. It presents a chance at a new life. Some people have to go through hard times to realize what life is all about. Going through this can help lead them in the right path and fulfill the life they want to live.
Does this new life include healthier eating? “3D food printers are machines that build solid foods by the accurate combination and deposition of selected ingredients, layer by layer, into foods having desired shapes, flavors, textures, and nutritional value” (Kim). A benefit to 3D printing foods is the repetition of perfection. A bakery would no longer have to take the time to ensure all cupcakes are at perfection. They can simply use a 3D printer to do the trick. The National University of Ireland Galway and Concern Worldwide have researched ways to use a 3D printer to get nutritional food to developing countries. “Researchers are confident that, given the emerging use of 3D printers in development work, the 3D food technology could help ship nutrients to developing countries more efficiently. Base materials could be grounded into powder before being shipped, and then processed on site, added to food substances (peanut butter, chocolate), fed through the nozzle of a 3D printer and potentially printed into any desired design, making them available during a crisis”...

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