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Generally, architectural models are constructed for the main reason of communication. But, whatever an architect wants to communicate differs according to the stage or phase of the project. 3D printers come in handy during these phases as explained below.
Project acquisition
There are several ways to win architectural projects. When developing a new business, one has to communicate ideas in a clear manner. First, although very few people will admit it, people have a hard time reading and interpreting architectural drawings. It takes experience and training to actually visualize a 3D concept explained using 2D drawings. 3D printed models have the benefit of being able to display an idea while staying abstract to encourage a discussion of new inputs. This is usually crucial especially in developing client relationship.
Preliminary design
In an urban design stage, it’s vital to study the impacts of a new mass on the ...view middle of the document...

When looking at a preliminary design stage for the building, the various requirements are to be included in such a way that it makes sense. This arrangement of various programs and functions can be depicted in 2D diagrams, but the 3D models are the best. In a 2D diagram, one can utilize colors to depict different functions. However, in a 3D model, several facades are used to depict different functions. Public or open spaces normally have a transparent façade, while residential facades normally have a private and closed character.
Construction; detail scale
As a project advances, the nature of the 3D models also varies. Since the bigger concepts are set, attention shifts to the finer details. In an interior design this means finishes, decorative items and hardware.
Final presentation
3D models not only serve during the construction and design process of the project, but they are great for final display. Having such models arrayed together in the office is a nice way to display to potential customers what the company offers. They can also be utilized to compare the flow of different designs over time. Quite a number of those projects will become real buildings, and one can look at the model and compare it to a real life building to see how a project will look like once finished. It is important to note that most clients love having a 3D model of their projects on their desks so that they can show off to potentially new clients.
To achieve the above named benefits, I recommend the following 3D printers; the rapid one, Huxley duo kit and stratasys 1200es. These printers functionality is almost the same but they differ on design and how they print various models. The Huxley duo kit is smaller, low cost and portable. The machine utilizes a process called fused filament fabrication that it employs to build 3D objects in a number of colors and a range of plastics. The rapide one is low cost desktop 3D printer. What makes it unique is it being from the start with an objective of developing a functional 3D printer that fits the wide gap between the hobbyist 3D printers and the high-end 3D printers. The dimension 1200es utilizes the ABS plus thermoplastic to develop models. Soluble and model

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