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3 Objects Essay

1269 words - 6 pages

Andrew Hewitt
Hon. Eng.9
Period 2

It is hard for me to think of myself as an object. However, after careful reflection I view myself as the following objects. As a member of a group, I think of myself as a patch on basketball. I am the glue that holds the group together. As a student, I think of myself as a painter’s canvas. I am open and accepting of all the knowledge I receive. The scales symbolize how I view my character. I am fair and reliable. The more I think of the objects and what they symbolize the more I realize the many attributes of each object.
I view myself as a patch on a basketball. The eight patches on a basketball are like eight members of ...view middle of the document...

When I am part of a group I recognize the group is depending on me to do my part. I have to be prepared to do my part because I never know when the group will need me. If I am deflated or in any way not prepared to assist the group in meeting its goal; the group would fail. Basketballs are not smooth because the patches are not smooth, they are slightly rough. They are rough so that they are more comfortable to handle and don’t slip out of the player’s hand. The rough surface allows it to easily absorb the pounding and still bounce. Like the patch on the basketball people feel comfortable with me and so I am able to help the group when the needed. Finally, if the group encounters difficulty I can endure harsh treatment and bounce back to meet the next challenge ahead.
A painter’s canvas symbolizes my view of my self as a student. When a painter begins to work; he first stretches his canvas onto a frame. In a similar way, as a student I am stretched to fit the demands of my teacher. Like the canvas I am strong but flexible. As a student I am open and accepting of learning. A painter’s canvas is designed to accept the paint colors that are put on and reflect a completed painting. As student my purpose is to accept the knowledge and skills I am taught and reflect it in a way that is brilliant and different. Like a canvas I am open to knowledge and reflect the knowledge that goes into me. As the painter adds to the canvas; the canvas looks slightly different. Everyday as I learn new things I am changed and appear different than the day before. Each day I am slightly different because of the knowledge I receive. Different People see different things when they look at the same canvas. People see me in different ways. My math teacher may see my sharp, bold lines and clear precise images perfectly aligned on the canvas. My Spanish teacher may see the beautiful blend of bright colors
and rhythmic flow of my canvas. The painter’s canvas in a small studio looks very different when it moved to a museum with other canvasses. In a room alone, I appear different than when placed in a room with other students. When I am in class presenting I appear to be a different student than when I am in a group presentation. However, this is only how I appear; my character remains solid and dependable.

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