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3 Main Difficult Situations In Interview Ways To Handle

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3 Main Difficult Situations in Interview - Ways to Handle

Difficult Situations
1. If I were asked how much starting pay I expected, what should I say?
Name a figure higher than what you really expect so that it can be negotiated down later.

Respond that I would like salary commensurate with my experience, and the responsibilities of the position.

Respond that money is not important, and you would be willing to work there for any price.
2. if I need time to think, what should I do?
Asked to be excused so you can go to the washroom.
Ask the interviewer a question that you think might take some time to answer.
Calmly take a few moments to think
3. if the question was unexpected and difficult to answer, what should I do?
Say that you would prefer not to answer that question
Pretend that you misunderstood the question, and give a ...view middle of the document...

Remember, we are not talking about “over-confidence”. Appear self-assured and confident. Don’t speak out of turn or talk loud, to convey your confidence and enthusiasm. Appearing in control is very important.
2. Cool, calm & collected
Whatever your fears, make sure you appear cool, calm and collected at the interview. Who doesn’t have pre-interview jitters? But the secret is to get them under control and portray a calm façade. Staying calm also helps you think straight and give the right answers to questions asked.
3. Dress to impress
the first thing the interviewer will see when you enter is the way you are dressed. Make sure you don’t dress too casual. It’s important to dress appropriately, whether you wear a business suit, a neat salwar kameez or a crisp saree. The stress should be on a neat, immaculate appearance.
4. Feel comfortable
it’s of the utmost importance that you feel comfortable in what you wear. Don’t attempt wearing a saree for the first time or getting into trousers if you haven’t worn them ever before! Don’t try to impress with designer wear or designer bags! This can have the exact opposite effect.
5. Courtesy
Courtesy is very important, be it the lift man, the receptionist or the interviewer. You never know who will classify you as rude, arrogant or loud! Turn off your mobile,
and avoid loud conversation, when you enter the office building. Greet the interviewer politely and break the ice.
6. Air your knowledge
Airing your knowledge or demonstrating your competence is not the same as bragging about yourself!
Other things that matter….
A firm handshake
a warm smile
Eye contact
Good posture
a positive attitude
No matter how well you prepare for an interview, things may still go wrong, or you may not get the job. But it’s important for them to remember you as the soft spoken lady or the highly qualified person you are. There may be times you could get tongue-tied or don’t have an answer for a tricky question. Take it in your stride and keep a positive outlook

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