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3 Little Pigs Essay

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The definition of a metaphor is "a figure of speech containing an implied comparison, in which a word or phrase ordinarily and primarily used of one thing is applied to another (Ex.: the curtain of night, “all the world's a stage”)."

There are two types of metaphors:

a simile, where two unlike things are compared followed by a figurative example.
an analogy, where a literal comparison is made between two things.
Both types of metaphors typically use the word like or as followed by the comparison. If this is confusing, take a look at some of these metaphor ...view middle of the document...

Broken heart - Your heart is not literally broken into pieces; you just feel hurt and sad.
The light of my life - The person described by this metaphor isn't really providing physical light. He or she is just someone who brings happiness or joy.
It's raining men - Men do not literally pour from the sky; there are simply an abundance of male suitors around at the time.
Time is a thief - Time isn't really stealing anything, this metaphor just indicates that time passes quickly and our lives pass us by.
He is the apple of my eye - There is, of course, no real apple in a person's eye. The "apple" is someone beloved and held dear.
Bubbly personality - A bubbly personality doesn't mean a person is bubbling over with anything, just that the person is cheerful.
Feel blue - No one actually ever feels like the color blue, although many people say they are "feeling blue" to mean they are feeling sad.
Fade off to sleep - You don't actually fade, you simply go to sleep.
Inflamed your temper - The news inflamed your temper is not a situation where there is any actual fire or flames, it is just a situation where someone gets mad.
Reeks of infidelty - When said about a cheating partner, this doesn't actually mean that there is a literal smell. Instead, it is just apparent that the person is cheating.
Rollercoaster of emotions - A rollercoaster of emotions doesn't exist anywhere, so when people are on a rollercoaster of emotions, they are simply experiencing lots of ups and downs.
Stench of failure - The stench of failure is strong, according to the common metaphor, but of course failing doesn't really smell.
All of these expressions are examples of metaphors which are also similies. They are juxtaposing an actual (literal) thing and a figurative thing in order to give more meaning to the figurative concept. To use the above examples, the literal expression in the phrase is “sea,” while “grief” is the figurative item.

An example of a metaphor that is an analogy would be so say "The house looked like it was designed in the...

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