3 Different Life Styles You Choose Yours

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3 different life styles you choose yours

The Orlando car scene is a big culture that has blown up over the past five year. It’s crazy to think that there are many different types of sub styles that are within each style. There are 3 different types show, race, and what I like to call hybrid. These are the 3 main styles that you’ll will see in Orlando when driving around. It’s clear now that I know the different type to understand why one would do things to their car. Because one aspect might help one car but would hinder another, so I’ll explain the 3 main styles within Orlando, FL. So you can have a better understanding of why certain thing are done to ...view middle of the document...

The sponsors what to be on the fast cars and are winning races so if you’re not winning you’re not making money and losing out on opportunity’s. Racings not for everyone its expensive and deadly so people that don’t like to race tend to make their car look pretty and take it to shows.

Show cars tend to be the nicest looking cars people with show car spend a lot of time working on their car to make it look its best. I know people that have not spelt three days so that they could get their car ready for a show and attend the show. Its crazy the amount of time these guys put into their cars and how much money is spent on parts, going to shows, parking. Show cars are the car that are garage kept and only brought out when there’s a show or if their getting worked done to them. Most show cars are a part of a team or car club they tend to all have matching stickers usually on the front of their car to identify with which car club there are associated with. When it comes to being in a car club you better be ready to be with them all the time every show, event, party. It like you’re in a fraternity or a brotherhood. When I was in a car club everyone helped everyone. When a show was coming up we were all together get are cars ready for the event and would lose so much sleep we would need energy drink to stay alive throughout the day of the event. Show cars are fun the brotherhood is awesome and the sleepless night are awesome hanging out with your crew. When you mix racing and show you get what I like to call hybrid style something like none other.

Hybrid is my favorite style of all. Hybrid is when you have a show car that is ridiculously fast. People that are in to this style spend the most money out of all three they are the ones that don’t care about what the price is and are not scared to mess up their car. Show car guys would never think...

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