3 Challenges That Arise When Writing A Paper

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Write a paragraph of at least 200 words identifying three challenges that might arise when writing a paper.
Write a second paragraph of at least 200 words explaining the strategies you will use to overcome those challenges.

Some people may face many challenges that may arise when writing a paper. Three challenges I believe a writer may face are writing anxiety, not knowing where to begin, and making your writing flow. Many people may face writers anxiety. I personally have this issue. This challenges may occur when a writer is adjusting to a new form of writing, limited time, or dealing with stresses at home, not related to school. Not knowing where to begin when ...view middle of the document...

This problem can occur from no organization between the sentences or the paragraphs. No organization, or flow may lose the attention of your readers, causing your work to be boring and or confusing. Facing these challenges, I would consider some time and effort.

There are way’s to overcome the challenges we face when writing. In the paragraph before, I mentioned three challenges that I myself face or have faced. Starting college writing has been hard for me. I have not been in High school for 10 years, and I am now a mother of three. Writing anxiety has been my issue. The new form of writing seemed at first a struggle. I dealt with this struggle by taking a specific time everyday by myself to study. If you have writing anxiety it is best to study alone with no distractions that would add more stress. Study the materials given as long as you can to gain the most available knowledge and skills. I face not knowing where to begin sometimes when writing. When I am given a specific topic I have learned to look for my sources to gather information. That is my first step. The next step I take is creating a rough draft, my map of knowledge within the specific topic. After my brainstorm of ides and facts are in order, I simply begin outline and then on to summarizing the rest of my paper. If you are facing flow in your writing, as I have in the past you will want to begin facing this challenge also by constructing an outline. An organized outline will help you to make sure everything is in place and in order. You should also make sure that each sentence relates to the topic. These are some ways or skills I have used to overcome these specific challenges.

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