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2nd Journal Entry Essay

1570 words - 7 pages

SBUS10040 Foundations of Management Thought

Bachelor of Commerce International, University College Dublin

Tutorial CRN: 74866

Tutor Name: Carolin Grampp

Student Name: Brian Allen

Student Number: 12459812

Submission Deadline: 7th November 2013

Essay Title: critique scientific management-as promoted by Frederick Taylor- and rational legal bureaucracy-as described and analysed by Max Weber- highlighting how they are both outcomes of enlightenment thinking. Your essay should draw on the assigned readings, as appropriate, ...view middle of the document...

For the last assignment I did not time it as I would have wished to and lead to me having to submit it late. This experience made me ensure that this time around I would not make the same mistake

Finally my referencing for the last essay was unacceptable. The quality of my referencing was poor and I did not reference from assigned readings but random pages on the internet instead. This lead to a poor result. In an attempt to avoid another poor result I focused on the assigned readings for referencing this essay.


I have been asked to critique scientific management as promoted by Frederick Taylor and also Legal bureaucracy, described by Max Weber. I will then describe how both of these men’s intellectual works on their respective subjects are examples of enlightenment thinking. To do this I must first introduce what enlightenment thinking is.

According to Immanuel Kant in his article entitled “What is Enlightenment?” enlightenment is “man’s emergence from his self-imposed nonage” (Kant 1784). Kant’s definition of this “nonage” is “ones inability to use one’s own understanding without another’s guidance.” This definition is very accurate one. It describes enlightenment as being a state where a person has the ability to think by themselves as well as not being lazy or cowardly. It describes a way of thinking where a person dares to know and as Kant describes it having “the courage to use your own understanding.”(Kant 1784). Enlightenment also suggests that one has such belief in their ideas that they are not afraid to express their ideas and go against the norm. This is illustrated by Kant in using the expression “do not argue” (Kant 1784).

To describe how Taylor’s scientific management is an outcome of enlightenment thinking I must first introduce and critique it.

Scientific management was first promoted by the American Frederick Taylor (1856-1917). Taylor was a mechanical engineer in the iron and steel making industries. These industries at the time were mainly made up of immigrant employees. Taylor was a protestant, who were renowned for their “thrift, hard work and individualism”. There were grave differences between Protestants and the workers and it is suggested by Chris grey in his book “A Very Short Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Organizations”, part of the context of scientific management “emerged as an artefact to the relationships between Protestants and Catholics”(Grey2013).

There were serious problems in the steel and iron industries at the time before scientific management. At the time workers organised their own work and decided who was hired. Along with this workers decided the pace that they would work at and also knew far more about their work than their employers who had very little physical interaction with them. Also according to Daniel Wren in his book “The Centennial of Frederick W....

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