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2799 Essay

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Network Systems Administration Capstone Project QUIZZES & EXAMS
-4- 10/24/2012
Subject Area: Computer Structure (Concepts discussed in NT1110)
Topic I: The Input / Output Process
1) Level 1: Definition
Question: A person wishes to purchase a personal computer for home usage. Identify the internal
hardware components this computer should contain.
2) Level 2: Application
Question: Explain in simple terms the I/O process.
3) Level 3: Troubleshooting questions
Question: You typed “abcd”, but the locally attached printer prints garbled text. How do you go
about resolving this issue?
Subject Area: Basic Networking (Concepts discussed in NT1210 / NT1310)
Topic II: OSI Model
1) Level ...view middle of the document...

How do you propose to
determine the cause and correct it?
Topic IV: TCP/IP
1) Level 1: Definition
Question: Define in basic terms, the TCP/IP suite of protocols.
2) Level 2: Application
Question: Protocols within the TCP/IP suite correspond to logical ports on a computer. How can
one determine which ports within TCP/IP are open or have established connections at any given
3) Level 3: Troubleshooting
Network Systems Administration Capstone Project QUIZZES & EXAMS
-5- 10/24/2012
Question: A user reports she cannot access the Internet. Describe some of the tasks one would
perform related to the TCP/IP protocol in order to troubleshoot this problem.
Subject Area: Windows Networking (Concepts discussed in NT1230 / NT1330 / NT2670)
Topic V: Client-Server
1) Level 1: Definition
Question: What is a domain?
2) Level 2: Application
Question: How does one connect a client (such as Windows 7 Professional) to a Windows
domain? How does one verify that the computer is joined to that domain?
3) Level 3: Troubleshooting
Question: A new employee for Acme, Inc. is unable to login to the network from her desktop
machine. List at least 3 possible reasons that would explain this situation?
Topic VI: Windows Server
1) Level 1: Definition
Question: Identify the functions a Windows Server could provide for a small business / home
office environment. Please include the server version in your answer.
2) Level 2: Application
Question: Explain how to configure a Windows Server for a small business network so that it
may provide reliable logical connectivity among clients, printers, mobile devices, and any other
networked devices. Please include the server version in your answer.
3) Level 3: Troubleshooting
Question: Users on a Windows server network are reporting that they can’t access external
Websites nor receive external emails. They are able to use the networked printers and access
internally hosted files. The router that connects to the ISP may be pinged from the workstations.
The Websites in question are accessible from a smartphone via the 4G network. Analyze the
process one would adopt to troubleshoot and suggest the possible cause. Please include the
server version in your answer.
Topic VII: Active Directory
1) Level 1: Definition
Question: What is Active Directory and what does it do in Windows Server 2008 based networks?
2) Level 2: Application
Question: A health insurance company recently hired several new employees in various
departments (e.g. accounting, benefits, management, and referral). Explain the steps a network
administrator would need to perform on the server to allow these new employees to gain access
to network resources.
3) Level 3: Troubleshooting
Question: A user is unable to login on to desktop connected to a Windows Server 2008 domain.
Assuming that the hardware is functioning, connected, and configured properly, explain in detail
how one would go about determining the cause of this user’s...

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