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25 Years Later Essay

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A Person in the Next Decade
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A Person in the Next Decade
As a young person, I am tasked with coming up to terms with the inevitability of change. It remains extremely impossible to remain fearless about the future. A lot of effort and courage remains a great requirement for having a purpose driven life because it’s not always easy. Life seems unpredictable in most cases and, as a result, all young people approach the future as blind nomads. In life, most people tend to believe that they will remain the same as they seem now in the next decade. Regardless of the age of an individual, they always tend to act in a way that suggests ...view middle of the document...

As of the moment, I spend most of my leisure time reflecting and catching up with friends because I am still single. By doing so, I get to think of the future and plan for it. Friends act as a source of new ideas and they make me feel that my social life has not yet dwindled. Every human being must have a sense of belonging and feel part of something so that it can boost their confidence. In the next decade, there remains a likelihood that I will lack time because I will marry. There continues to be a chance that I will not have time to take care of myself or even visit friends. As of now, I do not own any apartment because I am still single and I am not in need of a permanent residence or a big house. However, in the next decade when I will have two children, I will have to own an apartment and make sure it’s big to accommodate the whole family. By owning an apartment at that particular point in life, it will remain a big accomplishment.
Differences exist in the career of individuals in a decade. As a student, life remains simpler as I am caught up in less commitments .In the next decade as a professional, I will be tasked with a schedule of commitments. The life of a professional remains full of duties and responsibilities. At the moment, I am devising ways of improving and working out my career in networking. In the future, I would become successful in my career, and it will enable me to achieve my goal of starting my firm. Owning my own company in the next decade will become something more fulfilling as opposed to being employed as I am now. Being employed now by another firm exposes me to less risks as opposed to the next decade when ill own my own company. The above remains true because owning and running your own company remains challenging and tasking. At the moment, I earn a low income of less than 30000 annually. My spending remains limited to necessities and other expenses that I incur. However, in the next decade when ill earn a higher income, I will afford luxuries and live a better life. Everybody tends to remain positive about their future because without positivity we remain savages and primitives (Clarice,...

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