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25 Entrepreneurship Lesson Learned Essay

884 words - 4 pages

Analysis of Argument
Jeff Jacoby’s “Bring Back Flogging”

Purpose, Method, and Persona
• Purpose:
– What is the author’s purpose?
• His thesis: We should once again use flogging.

– What is your purpose (for this exam)?
• Dispute his argument
– Jacoby’s argument is flawed.

• Methods:
– What are the author’s methods?
• His arguments: examples, historical justifications, deductive reasoning, statistics, and so on.

– What are your methods (for this exam)?
• The weakness in his arguments: Find contradictions, inconsistencies, logical fallacies, false assumptions, and so on.
– Statistics are misleading

Purpose, Method, and Persona
• Persona:
– What is the author’s ...view middle of the document...

Use MLA style throughout.

Step 0
• • • Read all assignments actively. Take notes in the margins. Focus on one paragraph at a time
– What is the argument in this paragraph? – Is it sound? – Are there problems or weaknesses in these assertions? – Has the author contradicted an earlier statement? – Has she committed a logical fallacy? – Has he been inconsistent in his argument? – Has the author used a misleading statistic? – Has he or she used flawed or problematic reasoning?

Step 1

Step 1.5

Step 1.75

Step 1.99

Step 2
• Your notes should have helped you identify the areas that are weakest. • You’ve now thought about your notes and decided to focus on the four areas you find the most problematic. • Start a rough outline

Step 3: Outline your introduction
A. B. C. D. E.

Creative Lure (notes) Topic of essay (Author and title) Relevance (Why would most people care about this topic) (notes) Thesis: What is your position (This should be written as a complete sentence) List: A brief list of the kinds of flaws in the essay (notes)

Step 3.1
A. B. C. D. E.

Creative Lure: Being whipped is fun! Topic of essay: Jeff Jacoby / “BBF” Relevance: civilization is based on how we treat all people, even the guilty Thesis: Jeff Jacoby’s essay is unconvincing and logically flawed. List: logical fallacy, contradiction, false assumption, and a misleading statistic

Step 4: Outline your body paragraphs.
II. Body paragraph #1
A. B. C. D. E. A. B. C. D. E. Topic Sentence Evidence Refutation Support Thesis Support Topic Sentence Evidence Refutation Support...

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