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201 Communication Essay

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1.1: Identify different reasons why people communicate.

Every aspect of a persons life is affected by communication. It is the key element of a persons ability to choose the outcome of their life and the care and support they receive. People use communication to express basic needs, such as food, warmth, medication, personal care etc. It is also how a person can explain themselves emotionally giving them chances to demonstrates such feelings as happiness, love, loss or contentment. People fundamentally communicate to allow them to engage with the outside world, to either engage with the people in it or to give themselves a great opportunity to have access to the chances that ...view middle of the document...

The interaction between yourself and the person you are supporting allows you to see the true feelings of the person you are with. Physical demonstrations such as the wringing of hands, trembling, erratic eye movement etc. can show you if a person is uncomfortable or concerned with the situation they're in. It can also help support a suspicion of the chance that abuse maybe taking place as the persons physical or intonated behaviour is one of the key ways of experiencing a relationship between two other people if one of them is uncomfortable or afraid. Overall it is integral to often pay attention to the things a person is telling you without saying a word. The way they sit, they way they present or hold themselves, they tone in which they reply to statements can often tell you more than a straight forward verbal response can.

2.1:Explain why it is important to find out an individuals communication and language needs, wishes and preferences.

Not everyone communicates in the same way. From language barriers, to the physical ability to be able to talk, to specialist equipment designed to enable people to communicate we need to be well versed in every individuals communication choices. Patience and research are two of the most important things we can do as care workers. Speaking to the person themselves and understanding their communication methods, being patient as they may find communication difficult allows us to learn about the method they have chosen to use when communication with people, the person who knows what suits them best is the service user and as such should be our first port of call. As well as this we can speak to family members and refer to support plans in order to follow a cohesive method of support for the service user.

2.2: Describe a range of communication methods.

As referenced in the previous question not everybody communicates in the same way. If English is not the persons first language it is important to remember that although family members may speak the individuals native language that they may not wish to talk about personal matters with family members. In this instance there are a number of interpreting services which can be used to facilitate effective communication.
Some service user may communicate using sign language so a member of staff can receive training in being able to do so themselves.
In any instance if a person does not communicate verbally effectively close work with other professionals such as speech and language therapy is necessary to allow you to liaise with the service user well.
Some people will use aids, such as a speech boards, hearing aids, communication books etc. It is important that staff are comfortable with using these tools and in many instances a Speech and Language team will demonstrate how best to utilise them. It is key to also ensure that any apparatus used by the service user is kept in good condition, placed in an accessible place and maintained and...

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