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AP US History


Document A

Many slaves escaped to the South as the Union troops arrived. African men, women, and children slaves’ actions urged the government to deal with slavery. This letter displays the pressure the Union was under in deciding what to do with escaped slaves.

In the early civil war, Major General Benjamin Butler wrote a letter to secretary of war, Simon Cameron discussing all the chaotic events and conditions in Virginia. He said that many desperate African American slaves wanted protection from Confederates who wanted to force them to build river barricades. The slaves forced Butler and Lincoln organization to decide whether ...view middle of the document...

This article shows the the amazement of the acceptance of blacks in New York City.

This article expresses the awe at the swift acceptance that Blacks received in New York City. In July 1863, after a military draft was declared to support the Union effort to end the Confederate rebellion, white citizens, mostly Irish Americans, went on a rampage to kill ANY black person they saw.To many whites, black people were the reason the war began and they were stealing all the factory working jobs from them. Less than a year later, however, black troops looking somewhat intelligent in their uniforms were greeted by admiring people of the white race. Such a change in attitude in such a short period of time, the newspaper wrote, showed proof of a social revolution.

Document G

African Americans faced discrimination since the moment they arrived in America.In July 1863, Blacks finally began to obtain respect. But after the war, appreciation had gone adrift.Blacks,especially black troops, were not treated well after the war.

This document was most likely in response to the fourteenth and fifteenth amendment which prohibited the government from taking away any citizens right to vote and made anyone who was born in the United States a citizen.This drawing portrays Lady Liberty in a chamber decorated with American flags pointing to a black troop who has lost his leg and is on crutches. Lady Liberty shows her confusion as to why he, a disabled veteran,is not considered deserving for the American democracy. The cartoon drawing reflects the sympathetic view that the North time after the Civil War.

Document H

After years of brutality, any human being would be tired of the treatment. Black finally became fed up with the disrespect.In 1865, Black southerners met to dicuss the idea of suffrage.These events led to Blacks to demand suffrage.

African Americans in Virginia made a passionate appeal for suffrage, while meeting after the Civil War. This inalienable right, the convention argued, is guaranteed to all free men, including Blacks, through the Declaration of...

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