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2001: A Space Odyssey Essay

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Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey explores the future of space from the director’s point of view. This movie was made from extremely capable thinkers, because they would need amazing depth of thought to create such high standard futuristic effects (of the time it was made).The first chapter of the movie was called The Dawn of Man. The first scene was said to be in the prehistoric past in the Pleistocene era, four million years ago. The universe had just been born, and the world was still and quiet. There were many wide shots, showing sunrises on the still dessert, then a group or a tribe of apemen (Australopithecines) who seem to be the first sign of life, scatter around in ...view middle of the document...

On the third day, the apemen use their new form of power against the rest of the animals, leader ape attacking with his new bone. They fight so that they can dominate the rest of the land as theirs, and rule over all the animals in the world. After they conquer, the leader flings the bone, his weapon, in happiness, and in slow-motion, and it turns slowly, evolving into four million years later, a spaceship, or a space craft.The next part of the movie is in space, four million years later in the future, in the 21st Century, Year 2000. There is a passenger in the spacecraft and he is strapped down into the chair. (Scientist administrator and chairman of the National Council of Astronautics, Dr Floyd) There is a floating pen that the space attendant needs to come in and pick up. She is walking normally because the shoes she wore were like suction or grip shoes that keep her feet on the ground, but she walks funny that way. The space attendant wore white clothing, and a round head piece to make her head look larger. Afterwards, Floyd wakes up and is escorted into the space station. He takes a Voice Print Identification Test and makes a phone call to home. His daughter (Squirt) picks up on the Bell Picturephone and they talk briefly on her birthday and party coming up and Floyd wishes her a happy birthday. Floyd returns to the white lounge area with the bright reddish- pink sofa chairs. He speaks with some Russian scientists about the moon and the sector the Russians have been exploring for months, and then the Russians ask Dr Floyd about odd things that are happening on the Clavius moon crater, as well as the rumour of the epidemic (which was a story made up to cover the real reason), but Dr Floyd doesn’t want to answer and leaves the conversation there.Dr Floyd goes on another spacecraft to go to the Crater Clavius on the moon. The space attendant serves the space food with straws and pictures of the food on the label. Later on, Dr Floyd delivers a conference with other important scientists and astronomers at Clavius to discuss what is happening, as well as the cover up story, and how much longer they need to keep up the story, to give them time to find out why the monolith is inside the crater. (They hadn’t actually physically visited the monolith, but only took pictures from the spacecraft)Dr Floyd goes out in another craft with other astronauts and they eat processed sandwiches wrapped in plastic, or cellophane looking material. In the photos, they also thought at first that the monolith was part of a rock substance sticking out of the ground, or a deliberately buried structure. The astronauts and Dr Floyd walk up to the monolith and hear the creepy sounding humming noise again. They walk around it, now surrounding the monolith and Floyd touches the monolith through his thick astronaut glove. As they drew closer to it and just when they were about to take a photograph of the monolith, the humming turned into a high pitched beeping...

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