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2 Day Training Session Essay

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2-Day Training Session Paper
The organization has decided to conduct a 2-day training session for chosen people who are brought from all over the country to participate in this session. The next 2 days will consist of training everyone how to use the new CRM SAP 360, which will be implemented in 2 months within our company. There will be many tasks and resources that need to be completed to make this training session a success. We expect all participants to be focused, team oriented, great listeners, fast learners, and great at multi-tasking. We would also need to appoint a Training Coordinator/Manager that oversees the 2-day training session and make sure all attendees are actively ...view middle of the document...

Select a training vendor or instructor to develop and/or deliver the pertinent training and materials to the project manager (Ehow,2013). We need to schedule times and dates the training will be held, also need to arrange travel arrangements and cost of travel arrangements. We also need to make sure all attendees of the training session knows when and where the training will be held and give them an advance notice of the date, time and location. We can inform all attendees via email, phone calls, texts, social media, even postcards if necessary. If the training will include people who don’t come to the organization’s headquarters every day (ie, volunteers, or community members you have recruited especially for this meeting), be sure to send out a reminder out to arrive one week before the meeting (KU 2013). We need a space that is big enough to fit all people attending the session, large enough to have our equipment in, secluded enough to where we are not disturbed and can conduct our training session effectively, yet not too expensive. Once we have chosen what meeting space we will use to conduct our 2 day training session we need to choose a hotel that would provide accommodations that fit what we need such as hotel meeting space, nearby restaurants or a restaurant inside that would be able to cater to all attendees.
Once everything is taken care of and travel arrangements, hotel, meeting, and invitations have been acquired and sent the training begins. After training we expect feedback from all attendees of the training session. Feedback should be on how useful the CRM was to them, if they feel like it...

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