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1st Crusade Essay

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How successful was the 1st Crusade?
The 1st crusade was initiated by the call from Pope Urban II in 1095 to regain the Holy Land of Jerusalem, he promised those that went on this journey a place in heaven. This created one of the bloodiest religious wars in history between the Christian and Muslim worlds. The Christian side was made up of poor, less-advanced, yet savage Franks, and the more civilised Christians from the Byzantium empire in the East.
The first major success for the Christians was the Siege of Antioch. On arrival, the defences of the city seemed unstoppable. The franks were truly astonished as they were used to wooden castles and fighting with ineffective weapons, but what they were faced with was 6 mile long stone walls and sharp weapons. Despite this, the Christians managed to get an insider who retrieved information that a large Muslim army was on its way, as well as this they managed to blockade the city in an attempt to weaken their defence. Before the ...view middle of the document...

This did not work so they went through a 13 day fast as a means of cleansing their souls, all this actually did was completely weaken them and left half the army malnourished, yet the tables turned when Greek and English ships arrived. They were able to give essential supplies and it completely boosted the morale. This led to a huge assault on Jerusalem that lasted for many days. On entry of Jerusalem one of the biggest massacres in history took, everyone in the Christian path was killed, even Jews living within the City were killed, this non-stop violence went on for days, some Muslims were even burnt alive.
However, there is some evidence that suggests the 1st Crusade was not a success. Across Asia Minor and the Turkish territory the Crusaders took many defeats, they simply could not deal with their advanced tactics and weapons, as well as their horses which were better adapted for the bumpy, dry conditions. Also many of Lords that led attacks on small provinces did not want to give the land back to the control of the Pope as they had previously promised. This led to many disputes between the Christian army itself. Furthermore, some of the Franks had become so involved in war that not only did the Muslims fear them but so did other sections of the Christian army, they were seen as untrustworthy and cold-blooded killers. Many feared the both their safety and the security of the Empire, even though they were on the same side.
main victors, highlighting the mighty power of the Turkish Armies. He does not describe the Christian Army as having any success at all.
To Conclude I believe that there is more evidence to state that the 1st Crusade was a Success. The main reason for this is that the objective was to regain the Holy Land and this is what they achieved, even though they did have unsuccessful battles and lose many men they obtained what was needed. The book I read by Georges Tates gives the viewpoint of both Christian and Muslim success, however there is much more detail within the Christian side, therefore his viewpoint come across more in this essay. Yet through wider research, 13th century historian Al Akhir shows how the Muslims were the

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