18th Amendment Essay

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Karen Dade
Ms. Benson
US History, Block 4
5 May, 2014
Failure of the Prohibition
18th amendment was doomed to fail from the beginning. Numerous reasons show why it was a failure. Even though intentions were noble, the 18th amendment didn't achieve it's goals but rather caused many problems that it intended to be solved. The 18th amendment was a failing law from the beginning and had given many organized group of criminals power in corruption that caused crime in the U.S.
The Volstead Act enforced the 18th amendment by “prohibiting the manufacture, sale, or transportation of alcoholic beverages for consumption" (Sann 62). The Volstead Act had clarify the law. The law had began ...view middle of the document...

Carrie Nation was one of the most important members of the WCTU. She carried around a hatchet smashing pubs.(Sann 194) Though WCTU was helping keep the law of 18th amendment enforced, they caused corruption in crime by destroying saloons, causing more destruction and making people find better ways to drink.
The 18th amendment had more negative effects than planned when the law was introduced. Which showed failure in the law. Bootlegging and speakeasies gathered around the U.S. Bootleggers were people who sold illegal alcohol to consumers. Speakeasies were secret drinking establishments where people sold and bought illegal liquor. Bootleggers and speakeasies were everywhere. Even if the operations were shut down by police, they would rapidly build back up. Raids by the police didn't stop speakeasies from staying in business (Sann 197). They were hidden in various locations, basements, abandon buildings, and sometimes homes. Membership cards were given to have entrance to secret bars.(Sann 197) These secrets saloons had a different atmosphere because different types of women allowed. Bootlegging and speakeasies are part of the reason why the 18th amendment had failed.
Crime and corruption caused an extensive growth of organized crime in America. Mafia business had become experienced bribing police and legislators to ignore their extreme crimes. They paid off law enforcement millions to keep them quiet or paid the judges off not to go to jail. Al Capone, a gang leader in Chicago, was a famous criminal of the 18th amendment. Al Capone had built successful notorious business earning around 60 million from bootlegging and speakeasies operations that he controlled. Al Capone ran 10,000 speakeasies on...

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