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17 Again Essay

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17 Again By Burr Steers

In this essay, I am going to analysis a moving image text through the film techniques and media theories I have learnt in this term. The film is called “17 again”, which is directed by Burr Steers and written by Jason Filardi.

This movie is took place in USA and released in 10 April 2009. The budget of this movie is $20000000 US and the final gross is $64149837 US which is a great success. This story is taking about the main character-Mike O’Donnell ( Zac Efron) whose life didn't quite turn out how he wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it. He wakes up one day and is seventeen again and gets the chance to rewrite his life.

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In the text, the opening of the film is a disequilibrium which represented that the main character-Mike felt frustrated of his life because of the failed marriage and career. Secondly, the climax is that a time sprite guy appeared and used the magic to let Mike back to seventeen to save his own life. As Propp mentioned, the time sprite guy is a character of “Helper” who helped the main character to solve the enigma. However, there are few conflicts in the text.

Firstly, Mike’s wife didn’t believe that the teenager was her X husband. Besides, Mike found that her daughter was behaved badly and his son was bullied in the high school. At the end, he managed all the messy things in his life and saved his marriage which is the equilibrium.

And the equilibrium is reflected in the opening scene. Thus, we can see that this is a circular narrative. At the first scene, it is a flashback which mentioned that the teenage Mike was kissing his girlfriend (future wife) at the basketball court because her girlfriend was pregnant. As for the equilibrium, the old Mike was kissing his wife at the basketball court again because he saved his marriage. Therefore, we can see that the equilibrium is established at the beginning and again at the end of the film.

Moreover, the ending of this movie is a close-ending because all the problems were solved and seems complete. Besides, as Roland Barthes mentioned, there are lots of narrative codes in the film. Firstly, there are some action codes which is a series of actions facilitates a viewer to follow the details of a plot of sequence. For instance, the kissing between Mike and his wife, also, Mike was wearing underwear and using the light sword of Star War fighting with his friend were the action codes which enabling the viewers to absorbed in the narrative.

Secondly, the enigmatic codes can also be found in the film. For example, after Mike back to seventeen, he had to choose between the scholarships and his wife and at this moment, the screen was black out for a while which ensure the audience were continuously watching the movie. Thirdly, Mike has a poor life in the movie, however, his friend has a wonderful life, for instance, he was rich and surrounded by females. This is a binary opposition between these two characters. The reasons that the director makes this opposition can emphasis the misery life of the character in order to move on the narrative.

And now, I am going to talk about the audience responses in this movie. As I saw the audiences’ responses in IMDB, generally, they think the movie is not only suitable for teenagers because of the casting and high school background of the movie, adults are also suitable.

Besides, the movie is not only making people to laugh but also encourage them to think about their life. This is a preferred reading which audiences interpret the text as closely to the way in which the producer of the text intended....

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