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16 Month Baby Essay

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My interpretation of a 16 month old
My interpretation of the 16 month old born June 25, 2010 we can
Call him jasper at cornerstone church On October 24, 2010 at nine to
Nine forty –five .As I first entered the day care center I was amazed of
How big and how many toys there were. As I came in discreet I asked
We can call her Pam which child would I have the opportunity of
Observing she pointed and I began observing Jasper he was walking
And then he spotted a baby girl and he turned around and walked
Backwards and sat right on her tummy and said “oops” “oh oh” the girl
Screamed he got scared and ran away and I think he thought it was
Okay and just wanted to ...view middle of the document...

Attachment issues can also be
Affection bonding including other people and the tendency to
Perceive, understand and interpret the world in terms of just one’s

As Jaspers teacher picked him and tried to get his mind off of his
Mom and distracted him with an object a ball as he plays with the
Ball He catches with his right hand and throws with right hand also
Has a good hand and eye coordination. He put the ball in his mouth I
Think he might be teething.
As the leader had all the children gather around to play a game
Which you would point out distinctive features of oneself to touch
Eyes, ears, nose and tell them where it was and he says
A lot of sayings in a “B” sound but he knew where all of his ears, nose
Etc was.

Then next Jasper and children had snack graham crackers and I
Belief this relates to the Erickson theory as caregiver consistent with
Food and care there is instant trust. As he saw the graham cracker he
Was so excited and the way he expressed himself was by clapping
And saying “yea yea yea “I belief he has a deep surge. I also believe be
He is developing a distinct personality when he wants something he
Will go and get it or point to it and it will be his.

After the graham cracker scene he grabbed a doll the things that
Are on a baby’s mind maybe it would of felt like holding onto
Something may have brought him a bit of comfort and security. And
Then Jasper saw what he thought was food but was just a play kitchen
And the concrete operational stage on seriation Jasper has the
Ability to sort object in according to size, shape and other charactistic
That’s exactly what he was doing when he kept pouring the same
Exact substance into one bowl and into the...

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