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12 Ways To Optimize Your Employee Benefits Program

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12 Ways to Optimize Your Employee Benefits Program:
Low-cost employee incentives, recognition programs and employee rewards
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* Low-cost employee incentives
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Good employee rewards and recognition programs provide employees with:
* A fair return for their efforts
* Motivation to maintain and improve their performance
* Clarification of what behaviors and outcomes the organization values.
Here are eight guidelines for employee recognition and rewards programs that managers can use in their departments, according to an Adecco management report:
1. Specify employee rewards criteria.
2. Reward everyone who meets the criteria.
3. Individualize employee rewards.
4. Say “thank you” frequently.
5. Nurture self-esteem.
6. Foster intrinsic rewards.
7. Reward the whole team.
8. Remember: You get what you reward.
The bottom line: Remember that employee incentives come in many forms, not just cash. For top performers, increased responsibility and lessened supervision can be rewards in themselves, as can flexible schedules, additional time off, first pick of desirable assignments, and so on.
The point is that employees must indeed feel that you are rewarding them for both working hard and getting results.

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* Low-cost employee incentives
* Meaningful employee recognition programs
* Inspiring employee rewards
* And much more...
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Employee Benefits Program: Tip #2
Employee recognition: Have you hugged your employees today?
You might think that employee recognition is about the rewards you give workers for long years of service or for retiring after a notable career. It’s really not.
Employee recognition is about engagement. And employee engagement starts with employer engagement. How engaged are you with your employees? Do you know their names? Their goals? What makes them tick?
Recognition doesn’t have to be about gold watches or cash bonuses. It’s even more effective when it’s about relationships.
Continue (or start) to appreciate your employees and recognize them for what they do. Know their names, their stories. Let them know yours. Let them in on the organization’s mission, vision and values. Establish trust.
Learn the Golden rule of employee recognition in 12 Ways to Optimize Your Employee Benefits Program: Low-cost employee incentives, recognition programs and rewards.
Employee Benefits Program: Tip #3
6 low-cost employee appreciation strategies that work
Here are 6 low-cost ways—suggested by Business Management Daily's HR Specialist Compensation & Benefits readers—that your organization can show gratitude to your employees all year.
1. Embarrassment committees. To celebrate a person’s annual anniversary on the job, form an “embarrassment committee” to make a ruckus as colleagues deliver a cookie bouquet and gift card.
2. Employee Appreciation Week. During...

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