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12 Domains Essay

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1. In today’s culture the power of knowledge and learning has always been stressed. Sometimes this can make or break a person or even a company. A baby starts learning from birth, knowing the mothers voice and how to suck a bottle. As the child progress in life learning the child should realize a benefit from the knowledge that has been acquired. Soon the child will have a comprehension of what he or she has learned and then how to apply the concepts. He or She will eventually learn how to analysis and trouble shoot situations or problems, which leads to him or her creating and designing, and finally making a conclusion about something1. Those concepts are learned and people learn in a lot of different ways such as Experiential learning and learning from a Community.
2. Experiential learning is a something that is significant in our society today. Knowledge such as learning vocabulary or ...view middle of the document...

It starts in day care and soon works up to higher education which is facilitated majority of the time. There are other ways that a person may learn in our society many of these subjects and social developments learned are taught thru a community.
3. A community can be big or small and it has been defined as, social, religious, occupational, or other group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists.3 This form of learning is where a person will learn how to communicate with other people. In some communities a person will learn certain place that may be off limits to them due to their gender, height, education level, skill level and yes or race. A stranger that comes into the community may feel out of place until the community allows him or her to be parts of the group. In some cases learning all of what you need to know just from a community view can hinder a person’s understanding of the diversity that is prevalent in the United States. This type of learning can lead to Socio-behavioral tendencies; this behavior may have a positive or a negative effect4, which is why it is so important for us to learn from different avenues and choices in the world we live in.
4. Our society has evolved over the years, with things that were done in the pass should help the future society learn not to make the same mistakes. This can be achieved as long as society continues to learn and acquire as much knowledge thru experiential and community learning anything is possible it is only just a learned thought away


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