12 Angry Men Critical Analysis Differences And Similarities Between The Book And The Movie

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In Twelve Angry Men, a boy is convicted of the murder of his father and 12 jurors are chosen to decide his fate. In the beginning, all of the evidence points to him being guilty. However, after a little bit of analysis of the evidence, there is some reasonable doubt. Slowly all of the Jurors accept the boy as innocent except for one very stubborn juror: Juror 3. The differences and similarities between the stage directions and the director’s shot selection in the film and in the text affect the reader’s interpretation of the final scene where Juror 3 says not guilty greatly.There are many similarities between the two versions. One similarity is how the jurors reacted to Juror ...view middle of the document...

He also thinks his opinion is more important than the others because he only stressed his opinion and not the others’. This detail alone suggests Juror 3 is hard to work with. The similarities brought out many good details in the story and the characters.There are also many differences between the text and film. One of them is how Juror 3 admits the boy is not guilty. In the play, all Reginald Rose wrote was that Juror 3 began to pound on the desk and seemed about to cry. He then said, “Not guilty.” The reader is left confused as to why Juror 3 just admitted to not guilty when he kept saying “guilty” throughout the play. The reader may think that Juror 3 felt overpowered by everyone and felt weak as opposed to 11 other people who had different viewpoints on the case. One may also think that Juror 3 got tired of the case and just wanted to leave. In the movie however, Juror 3 is shown ripping his son’s picture up with trembling hands and then crying. He also mentions how he worked his life out into his son, but for what? He got punched in the face and never saw his son again. From this small scene the reader can infer that Juror 3’s stubborn behavior was all caused by the grief of his son. It seemed as if Juror 3 realized that he shouldn’t punish the boy because of the memories he had of his son. Another difference is when Juror 3 is yelling at the others and angrily asking them how they can believe that the boy is innocent. The director does many choker shots of Juror 3 to show his facial expressions. His facial expressions express lots of anger towards the boy and the jurors. In the play there is no way to see the extent of the anger of the jurors because the play can only account for movements and tone of voice. In the movie Juror 3 just keeps saying not guilty without a valid reason until he talks...

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