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10 Literary Approaches Essay

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Formalist Criticism: All the basics necessary for understanding the work are limited within the work by itself. What is most noticeable of the formalist critic are the basics of form-style, structure, tone, imagery, etc.-that are found throughout the text. The key for formalist critics is to determine how such elements work together with the text's subject to shape its effects upon readers.Biographical Criticism: This is a more practical method by which readers can better understand a text. However, a biographical critic must be careful not to take the biographical facts of a writer's life too far in criticizing the works of that writer: the biographical critic focuses on clarifying the literary information by using ...view middle of the document...

This approach it's more diverse, and it splits into three categories: Investigates the creative process of the arts, the psychological study of an artist, and the analysis of characters.Gender Criticism: This approach shows how sexual identity persuades a person to view ones literary art work. The bulk of gender criticism, however, is feminist and takes as a central precept that the chauvinistic attitudes that have dominated in literature "full of unexamined 'male-produced' assumptions." Sociological Criticism: This explores the relationships between the artist and society. Sometimes it examines the artist's society to better understand the author's literary works; other times, it may examine the representation of such societal elements within the literature itself.Mythological Criticism: A mythological / archetypal approach to literature assumes that there is a collection of symbols, images, characters, and motifs (i.e. archetypes) that evokes basically the same response in all people.Reader-Response Criticism: This approach is more like a transaction between the physical text and the mind of a reader. Most people find it easy to understand literature this way by remembering a book you read that changed your life or your perspective.Deconstructionist Criticism: This approach goes beyond reality. This approach allows you to use your mind mentally and make non-traditional assumptions that represent this reality, and try to find its meaning.Cultural Studies: This approach spans culture at large, because it doesn't adhere to a single way of understanding or analyzing literary work. It shares other approaches to analyze a broad range of cultural practices.

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