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10 Boss Make Mistakes Essay

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Top 10 mistakes bosses make
NOT knowing when to fire someone, poor communication skills and expecting too much from staff all add up to make a bad business leader.
1. Expecting employees to be clones

Problems emerge when the boss places very high expectations on their staff to provide perfect service or put themselves on the line.
Leaders become disappointed when employees don’t demonstrate the same level of commitment, enthusiasm and performance as they have themselves - but it’s safe to say most staff probably wouldn’t feel the same way about their job as the boss does.
Failure, and for that matter simple indifference, is often regarded as unacceptable, leading to a breakdown in ...view middle of the document...

5. Poor time management

Getting caught up in day-to-day firefighting, rather than delegating, prevents prioritising and negates spending valuable time with staff in order to build relationships and pass on knowledge through mentoring and coaching.
6. Not recruiting the best
When it comes to the most desirable employees, CEOs emphasise qualities of culture fit, versatility, an ability to hit the ground running, a desire to learn and to think, enthusiasm, drive, and problem-solving skills.
These desired characteristics reflect those of the CEO and can get in the way of recruiting the best people with the necessary technical capabilities.
7. Having personal gremlins

Everyone has his or her own personal gremlins. Entrepreneurs single out psychological issues to do with self-esteem, anxiety and depression as the most common.
A number of personality characteristics, including stubbornness, and being impatient and egotistical - assets in some circumstances but liabilities in others - can further complicate the picture.

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