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1 Yr. Development Plan Of Phs

4147 words - 17 pages


Taft Avenue, Manila

In Partial Fulfillment of a Requirement in

Instructional Leadership

Brother Andrew Gonzales College of Education

For the Degree in

Master of Education Major in Educational Leadership and Management

By: Imelda P. Tabian

I.D. # 11293853

Dr. Eric Olivares


S.Y. 2014-2015

I. Introduction and Background Information
1. Historical Development of the School
Pitogo High School or otherwise known as PHS has its origins from the vision of the Local Government of Makati City of providing quality ...view middle of the document...

Under the watchful eyes and strict disciplinary management of Dr. Serdenia, Pitogo High flourished and this was evident because of the school’s numerous awards and achievements. Pitogo High had proven itself that a public school can become Center for Academic Excellence contrary from its stereo-typed image of unruly, chaotic and unbearable place for education. After 5 glorious years, the former principal retired and the helm of authority was designated by the Division Office to Mrs. Imelda D. Quiban, Head Teacher III of the Science Department. The successful transition made Pitogo High prepared its gate to her current Principal, Dr. Reynaldo S. Estacio, former school head of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino High School.

2. Objective of the School
The vision of the school is to provide the children of Makati relevant and high quality public secondary education that will prepare them for careers in core subjects related to English, Science, Mathematics, Arts and Technology. The mission statement of Pitogo High views itself as an excellent institution where students are academically and socially prepared to meet the challenging problems of the 21st century. Endowed with a high degree of honesty, integrity, tolerance to different groups of society, responsible decision making, innovative, technologically equipped with a deep ecological awareness and grounded on universally accepted spiritual and moral values.

3. Description of the School Service Area
Map of Barangay Pitogo, Makati City

Pitogo High School is situated in the heart of Barangay Pitogo. The northern frontier of the school is Gen. Jacinto St. and the borders of Barangay Guadalupe Nuevo. Northwest to the school is the Barangay Hall and west of its location is its twin Pitogo Elementary School. The southern front of the school faces the industrial horizon of the Bonifacio Global City and forefront of this is Ford Philippines Global City. The main gate of the school is situated along Negros St. and its secondary gate is located in Serbus St. adjacent of the school’s building C.

4. Curricular and Training Programs
The curriculum of the school is under the regulation of the Department of Education since it is a public school. Since the implementation of the K to 12 Law, Grades 7 and 8 (former First and Second Years) are under the new K to 12 Curriculum whiles the Third and Fourth years are still using the Basic Education Program. The core subjects of English, Math and Science are using English as a medium of instruction together with Makabayan subjects Music, Arts, Physicak Education and Health (MAPEH) and Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE). The vernacular language or mother tongue is used in teaching Filipino, Araling Panlipunan and Edukasyong Pagpapakatao. The practical subject of TLE boasts different specializations that are being taught in the junior and senior years. ...

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