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1. Tv Advertising Has Faded In Importance

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MARKETING DEBATE—Has TV Advertising Lost Power?

Long deemed the most successful advertising medium, television advertising has received increased criticism as being too expensive and, even worse than, no longer as effective as it once was. Critics maintain that consumers tune out too many ads by zipping and zapping and that is difficult to make a strong impression. The future, claim some, is with online advertising. Supporters of TV advertising disagree, contending that the multisensory impact of TV is unsurpassed and that no other media option offers the same potential impact.

Take a position:

1. TV advertising has faded in importance

2. TV advertising is still the most powerful advertising medium.

In my personal opinion the answer is no. Advertising over television on trusted networks is one of the best ways to still build brand recognition and trust. Even Internet giants have all benefited immensely from the use of ...view middle of the document...

If these factors are known then the marketing manager can decide if informative advertising, persuasive advertising, reminder advertising, or reinforcement advertising is necessary. Television through its multisensory impact is the best medium for these advertising conditions. In addition to the product’s life cycle, the products market share and consumer base, competition and clutter, advertising frequency, and product substitutability affects decisions to use TV.

Properly designed and executed TV programs can improve brand equity by vividly demonstrating product attributes and persuasively explaining consumer benefits, portraying user and usage imagery, brand personality, and other brand intangibles. Critics of TV advertising may be focusing on the “messenger” rather than on the “message.”

The proliferation of TV channels, technology (VCR and TIVO), has shown that marketers must be better at what they do rather than using TV to cure poorly planned or executed marketing programs. Bottom line: The effectiveness of TV advertising still depends upon the proper identification of its objectives and creative execution.

2. Consumers have changed. We are now into the fourth generation of consumers using TV as a marketing communications medium. The proliferation of new technologies has shifted the “power” to the viewer rather than the “transmitter.” Current generations receive information through numerous media channels: the Internet, cell phones, satellite, cable, radio, and others. The influence that TV once had to stimulate, interest, and build brand loyalty due to its exclusivity is gone. Today, buyers are more likely to review product performance on the Internet or to ask opinion leaders than they are to “act” because they saw a clever commercial. As a result, with the exception of certain product categories or product lines, TV advertising no longer reaches target consumers. More importantly, TV commercials do not reach opinion leaders who are increasingly influencing consumer-buying decisions on a greater scale. To reach this important group, companies must target messages through combinations of other media and product usage.

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