1. Did Nestle Undergo Either First Order And Or/ Second Order Change According To The Case? Answer, Listing Example Of Types Of Change From The Above Story?

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The world
of Nestlé

Table of contents


Nutrition, health and wellness
Nestlé. Good Food, Good Life
Research & Development
Nutrition: the core of the Nestlé business
Priority on nutrition, health and wellness
Nestlé Nutrition – a specialist nutrition business
The Nestlé Nutrition Council and the
Nestlé Nutrition Institute
Looking to the future
Nestlé: almost 150 years pioneering nutrition and health


People, products, brands
Putting the consumer first
Food is local
Nestlé – a company built on brands
Contributing to nutrition, health and wellness
Ensuring quality and food safety
Wherever, whenever, however
The changing consumer
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Did you know …
Nestlé is a
Swiss company,
founded in 1866
by Henri Nestlé

Did you know …
Nestlé invests
CHF 1.5 billion
in Research and
every year

Did you know …
Nestlé markets
its products
in 130 countries
across the world

Did you know …
around 10,000
different products
and employs some
250,000 people

Did you know …
Nestlé sells over
a billion products
every day

Nutrition, health
and wellness

Nestlé is more than just the largest food and
beverage company in the world. Increasingly,
Nestlé is becoming the world’s leader in nutrition,
health and wellness.
From the start, nutrition has been at the core of
our business. However, today we place far greater
emphasis on it – and on health and wellness.
Our Corporate Wellness Unit and the individual
business units are driving forces in bringing
Good Food, Good Life to all our consumers.



Nestlé. Good Food, Good Life
We use four simple words to describe what we believe in
and what we offer consumers around the world: “Good
Food, Good Life“.
Food and beverages play an increasingly important role
in people’s lives – not only because of the enjoyment and
social pleasure of eating together, but more and more in
terms of personal health and nutrition.
Although it’s important, nutrition is only one aspect of
“Good Food, Good Life“. Consistent quality and safety, as
well as value-for-money and convenience, all play a part.
Above all, great taste is fundamental to our products and
our consumers‘ appreciation of good food.

Research & Development
It’s the task of our Research & Development (R&D) to
apply nutritional science and expertise to create products
that combine great taste with nutritional benefits. We
firmly believe that our research can make better food so
that more and more people live a better life.
Through continuous innovation of new products and
renovation of existing products, Nestlé is creating and
enhancing hundreds of Nestlé products, especially in
terms of their nutritional benefits.
The Nestlé Group invests around CHF 1.5 billion* in R&D
every year. It’s more than any other food company – both
as ßßa percentage of sales and in absolute terms.

* Equivalent to more than USD 1.2 billion. USD ~ CHF 1.25


Nestlé Nido with Prebio1
promotes a healthy
digestive system.

Around 3,500 people from
over 50 countries work in
Nestlé’s worldwide network
of 17 research, development
and product testing centres.
The Nestlé Research Center
in Switzerland is our major
think-tank. It’s a constant
source of new ideas and
scientific knowledge that
feeds the pipeline for all
Nestlé products.
It covers over 100 different
professional areas –
including nutritional
science, the life sciences,
raw materials, ingredients
and production processes.


Nutrition: the core of the Nestlé business
Nutrition has always been at the core of...

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