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1) Describe The Characteristics Of Consultative Sales Presentation? Give An Example

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A consultative sales presentation is basically to inform the customer about the product you are selling. You can perform one over the phone or you can go to a remote location in person. A consultative sales presentation is presenting your product to your customer you want to make sure that you answer all there questions you want the customer feeling fully informed and compelled to take advantage of your services. You also want to develop a relationship between you and the customer and make sure that the client you want the client to be feel comfortable and consult with you and comfortable that you will meet there needs. For a great presentation follow up with the client after they perches the product from you. For an example I have my cell phone through Sprint I have had issues with my phone. Not only have they fixed the problem they went one step further not only fixed the problem but they called days later to make sure the product is fixed ...view middle of the document...

Third you need to establish a buying motive. Mary Langston personal shopper her self at Nordstrom’s in Chicago says that it starts and begins with a good listener. She gives the customer an honest answer. A company that is going to move forward always starts with a great customer service.

2) Discuss the use of questions to determine needs. Also provide /select products that match customer needs.

To be effective in questioning the customer helps you identify the need and satisfaction. Its all based on the type of questions and how you ask the questions and the will help you clarify the dimension of the problem,. What the customer is looking for and if there are any issues. The questions should not be too short or too long. Make sure you are making your self clear while asking the questions as well.

3) List and describe three types of need-satisfaction presentation strategies based on the reading than present general guidelines for creating value-added presentation?

The three types of need- satisfaction is informative, persuasive, and reminder. An informative is a message that must be spoken clear and that way it can be understood by the customer. The informative emphasizes factual information. Technical supports, company prepares sales and literature. A persuasive is to influence the prospects beliefs, attitude or behavior to try to encourage the buyers actions, and reminder is sometimes called reinforcement presentation, Its great customer service to follow up or remind customers of there products and competition, The guidelines for creating value-added presentation. First is place special emphasis on the relationship. Relationship strategy of selling is important. Second is sell specific benefits and obtain customers reactions people like to buy things that can do for them. Third minimize the negative impact of change-change is more acceptable to people who understand the benefits. Fourth place the strongest appeal at the beginning or end-research in a presentation is made more effective. Fifth is target emotional links what you are doing is making an internal emotions of prospects. Sixth is use meta phone, stories and testimonials metaphor are highly persuasive sales tools it suggest pictorial relationships between objects and ideas.

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