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This is a press release issued by Arrow Recovery
Canada Inc. on June 25th, 2004
about the announced RCN search for
the Arrow Free Flight Models.
June 25, 2004
Thursday June 24, 2004 The Kingston Wig-Standard published an
article by Derek Baldwin under the headline “Navy takes up
hunt for Avro Arrow”. This was followed by a second article
on Friday with the heading “None of them are looking in the
right place' for Avro models”. We believe we are looking
in the right place and that we may even have models already recorded
on our Side Scan equipment.
Our group Arrow Recovery Canada is a registered Non Profit Corporation
that has been searching for the “Lost Arrow Models” in
Lake Ontario for over five years. Our mandate is to find and raise
a number of Models for museums to display for the benefit of the
people of Ontario. Our research and investigation has led us to
an area of the lake off Pt. Petre in a test range once used by
the Federal Government. For several years, and as recently as the
week of June 15 th to 17 th of this year, we have been conducting
side scan sonar survey of the lake bottom in that area. Our search
is conducted under a survey licence from the Provincial Ministry
of Heritage.
This effort has not come cheaply! Dedicated members of Arrow Recovery
Canada have spent countless hours in research, fund raising and
on-site survey in an effort to find these models. Displays at Air
Shows and other events have helped us to raise funds to pay for
boat gas and rental of Side Scan equipment. Our members are all
volunteers who have dedicated their time and personal equipment
to the search. None of us will profit in any way from this project,
other than through the satisfaction of a job well done.
We now have several targets that may prove to be Arrow Models
and the Nike booster rockets that were used to launch them. We
may be only weeks away from announcing the discovery of an Arrow
Model. After years of effort we may also be kept from success by
our own Canadian Navy acting on behalf of a Toronto group who spent
years looking in the wrong area. Our web site is
the best Avro Arrow information site on the internet. Most of our
research is posted on that site for the benefit of all Canadians.
If any group is looking for Arrow models they probably found their
information on our web site.
We are now confronted with the Canadian Navy using public tax
dollars to put two ships, two crews and sophisticated equipment
into our search area (as recorded on our survey licence for the
past five years) but certainly not on our behalf. We would have
gladly shared our research with the navy if they had asked, but
to have them searching in an area that we “staked out” on
behalf of a group that failed in the past is acutely unfair.
We believe the Canadian Navy should postpone their search until
we have had a chance to complete our investigation.
Our members, the companies, and the many thousands of people who
have supported our efforts and told us their personal stories about
family and friends who worked on the AVRO Arrow project deserve
no less.
Andrew Hibbert
President Arrow Recovery Canada Inc.
London, Ontario
It has been discovered that a
rival group and author initiated this search effort. This group
has been searching unsuccessfully for over 12 years in the wrong
area, they continued to search the same area.
The author had
never been involved in a legal search effort, and pettioned the
DND to be allowed to join the unsuccessfully effort.
Search Failure Article:
Our find, last search effort,
June 15-17, 2004, a thought to be uncharted shipwreck. Search
was halted and the ministry informed! This was two weeks before
the failed search by the other group.
This image is courtesy of Arrow Recovery Canada,
Dundee Marine Services and Galcon Marine.
June 16, 2004.
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